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10 ideas for relaxing both your body and mind in the Region of Murcia

Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect from everything and forget about your daily routine. What about doing this in Spain’s Region of Murcia? Here you will find absolutely everything you could dream of culture, nature, the ocean, great food… and all this in a favorable climate with mild temperatures 365 days a year. Here are 10 ideas for relaxing both body and mind if you find yourself in this Mediterranean corner!

  1. A Culturally oriented Trip

If you consider yourself a lover of culture, begin with the capital of the Region of Murcia – the City of Murcia! Be sure to visit Cardinal Belluga Square, home to the city’s greatest symbol, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Another unforgettable place is the city of Cartagena, whose Roman theater speaks to the majestic Roman past.

You simply cannot leave this region without visiting Lorca, known as a Baroque city. Her castle-fortress “Fortress of the Sun” has been turned into a thematic space serving as an introduction to the history of the Middle Ages. This complex houses the only Jewish synagogue of its kind, as it has not been desecrated by other religions.

  1. Pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz

Looking for a path to inspire you? Visit Caravaca de la Cruz in the northwest of the Region of Murcia! It is a holy Christian place where thousands of pilgrims flock every year and a place that celebrates the Jubilee year, when those who desire it can receive an indulgence at any time. The next Jubilee Year, however, was announced as 2024.

The best way to reach this town is to follow the Levant route, which can start in Orihuela, and then admire the culture and nature along the way.

  1. Cycling

Cycling enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the Region of Murcia can be cycled 365 days a year. Cycling routes are organized throughout natural parks and reserves, such as the Sierra Espuña Regional Park in the heart of the region, the Calblanque Nature Reserve on the coast and the Salinas y Arenales Park in San Pedro del Pinatar along the sea. Ecotourism simultaneously offers “green” routes in the Region of Murcia’s northwest, in the village of Almendricos, the towns of Mazarrón and Cieza, as well as along the valley of Cartagena.

Want to try all the above options and cross the entire Murcia Region? Take the EuroVelo 8 route along the Mediterranean coast, consisting of 6 milestones with a total length of 217 km!

  1. Diving

The Region of Murcia region invites you to explore its watery depths. The local diving spots are famous for their rich flora and fauna, which, together with crystal clear waters and mild temperatures (water and air), have made the Costa Cálida one of the best diving destinations in Europe year-round. Two protected marine reserves should be given special attention – Cape Palos – Hormigas Islands and Tiñoso Cape, where you can receive a truly unforgettable experience.

  1. Thalassotherapy

Pamper yourself in the spa resorts and thalassotherapy centers along the coast and in the heart of the region! In the following ones you can truly lose track of time: Archena in Archena, Leana in Fortuna and Bahía de los Delfines in Mazarrón.

Do you want to enjoy the spa and the sea at the same time? This is possible at the Puerto Juan Montiel hotel in Aguilas, at the Thalasia and Lodomar hotels in San Pedro del Pinatar, where you can also discover the benefits of thalassotherapy, and at the Entremares hotel in La Manga!

And if you’re in the mood for relaxing body treatments such as a chocolate, cherry, wine or pomegranate wrap, visit the Aguas Salinas Tourist Apartments in Lo Pagán! Impossible to resist!

  1. Golf

If you are interested in golf, in the Region of Murcia you will find the exact place you were looking for, whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your technique. On the local golf courses, you can practice your favorite game with great views overlooking the sea and among fields of olive trees and wild flowers.

The Region of Murcia Region has 22 golf courses and 348 holes of all levels within a 35 km radius. They are located fairly close to the main cities in the region, so you will be able to complement your sporting experience with the cultural and gastronomic diversity of the region.

  1. One Thousand and One Tastes

Whatever plan you choose, take some time to discover the local cuisine of the Region of Murcia! Seafood, baked octopus, zarangollo, sticky rice, paparajote, Asian coffee… – these are words you will repeat over and over again. The list of Murcian dishes is endless, and when you get to the end you will understand why Murcia was named the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2021.

  1. Wine Tastings

The Region of Murcia is known as the Kingdom of the Monastrell grape variety, as it dominates the local white, red and rosé wines produced in three terroirs: Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla. Each of them offers a wine itinerary certified by the Spanish Association of Wine Regions (ACEVIN): tastings, visits to wineries, walks through vineyards and many other activities that allow one to be acquainted with the culture of winemaking.

  1. Nature

In today’s day and age, we value nature more than ever. Convince yourself of this by visiting the Arbolech Strait in Aledo, the Salto del Usero waterfall in Bullas, the Arabi rock formation in Yecla and the Calnegre Bay between Aguilas and Lorca!

  1. Eco Trail through the Valley

If you wish to experience the remnants of Arab culture, visit the Ricote Valley, where the water and fertile fields stand out!

The town of Abarán has the largest number of functioning water mills in Spain. Abarán’s watermills have been declared an object of cultural interest. In addition, the town is famous for its traditions, natural beauty and fruit trees, of which the lemon tree stands out above all.

Unforgettable panoramic views can be seen from the Alto de Baina observation deck in Blanca.

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