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15 must-see places waiting for you in Murcia

Murcia, 2009

Murcia has a lot for you to see: architecture, museums, streets, squares, gastronomy, people…

1. The Cathedral of St Mary

Also known as the Cathedral of Murcia, located in Cardinal Beluga Square, it is the most symbolic architectural monument of Murcia and one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Spain.

2. The Murcia Casino

A wonderful building in the center of Traperia Street, where a magnificent façade hides an ensemble rich with art and exquisite architecture.

3. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Fuensanta

This is the place where they always keep the image of the patron saint of the city and from there, you can see a stunning panoramic view of Murcia and its valley.

4. The Salzillo Museum

It is located within the walls of the magnificent Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and offers visitors all the Baroque works of the brilliant sculptor of Murcia.

5. The Flower Square

A charming corner and one of the most beautiful squares in Murcia, where you can taste delicious tapas in a pleasant atmosphere.

6. The Museum of St Clara

A true oasis of peace and quiet in the heart of the city, inviting you to admire the Arabian pool of the 13th century.

7. The Veronica Market

One of the main market squares in the city, where you can taste the goods of the local fields and the sea.

8. The Romea Theater

One of the most beautiful theaters in Spain, located in the heart of the Julian Romea Square.

9. The Episcopal Palace

The majestic palace of the Diocese of Carthage, located on the Cathedral Square and immersing into Italian art. During the day, you can admire it from any terrace of nearby bars, and at night you will be surprised by its amazing lighting.

10. The Castle of Monteagudo

It is located on a steep rocky outcrop, at an altitude of 149 m above sea level, and is crowned with a 14-meter statue of the Sacred Heart. It is considered the landmark of Murcia.

11. The Malecon Promenade and Park

The real emblem of Murcia is a promenade dating from the 18th century, it runs along the Segura River through parks and architectural monuments and goes into the depths of the valley for 1,5 km.

12. The Bridge of Dangers

Another sightseeing of Murcia. Built in the 18th century, this bridge is the oldest; it connects the Carmen quarter with the historic center of the city.

13. Streets of Traperia and Plateria

Two historic and most famous shopping streets in Murcia, located just a few minutes away from the Cathedral.

14. The Square of Spain

Also popularly called “The Murcia Square”, it is one of the busiest and most visited entertainment spots in the city.

15. The Floridablanca Park

It occupies a large area in the heart of the Carmen quarter and is one of the most popular places to visit.

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