About the philosophy and boarding in LAUDE Lady Elizabeth School


Interview with Tom Davidson (Head of Secondary)

What is the main philosophy of the school?

The philosophy of the school is Learning, which we put at the centre of everything. We focus on the experience of the student rather than the traditional focus on what the teacher is doing. Thus the focus is always on whether the the lesson is well planned and geared towards the learner.

Curriculum knowledge is key and we have very, very good teachers, so we put our whole focus on the work they’re doing in the classroom, work they are doing in books. My inspection programme looks at talking to students and asking what they can better, what they are learning, not what they’ve been taught. It’s a simple distinction but one which puts the learner at the forefront of the equation.

The English is the shared language, and in our school we’re looking forward to giving opportunities to our Spanish, British, Russian students whether they leave us to attend university and the workplace in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium or Germany. We want to give them opportunities, more open doors, for me that is the true meaning of international education.

We also follow the Duke of Edinburgh Award which is pursued by students throughout the school

What about extra-curricular activities?

We have a show in the school, so every year, both in Primary school and the Secondary school, there is a full scale musical. This year they are doing Peter Pan, the students sing and they dance and they do the whole show. Also the Choir which is from year 7 up to year 13 meet once a week and perform concerts in school and in the local community.

We also have a comprehensive sports programme, including a volleyball team and football. Many of our students do their own extra-curricular work and there’re many opportunities to support our students in doing whatever they want.

Interview with Catriona (6th Form, boarder)

I’m from Scotland, but I wanted to learn Spanish and it’s better to learn Spanish in a Spanish school, especially to put yourself into the culture of the country. I also enjoy the international nature of the school as there are Russians and Scottish, English and Spanish students. By living together you find a shared experience and friendships.

Do you like boarding experience?

Of course, it’s for us like that bridge to University. When students go to University and miss their home quite often it’s very difficult, because you have your parents, you’ve been looked after, everything is done for you. This boarding experience, you have to get used to independent living and also independent studying and you know also how to organise yourself.

(More interview in Russian and Spanish in Russian and Spanish versions.)

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Photos: Rubén Gil

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