Advertising, a modern art expression

Painting, music and dance have always been artistic expressions par excellence, which have been used to transmit our history, cultures and feelings with great passion.

Advertising has evolved by transforming itself and merging with different artistic currents to give rise to a new era. Nowadays graphic design is more than a simple profession. Today a graphic designer does more than simply scanning and creating digital images. A graphic designer is a true creator of trends, a complete artist who has invented new art forms and expressions.

Digital art

Digital art can be found as a natural and harmonic part of almost all that surrounds us: fashion and technology are just a few of the examples of the scope of this trend that seems to have come to stay.

Buying sunglasses with a bold avant-garde design, visiting a museum and enjoying a work made without one single brush or just reading a magazine as you are doing now will be different: you will be able to understand and enjoy the talent of these so-called digital artists.

There is clearly some types of advertising that we like to see. They convey emotions, feelings, experiences and memories. There is advertising which adds value and meaning, advertising that has become art and transcended its own brand to become a way of life.

Coloured cities in constant movement, with a much friendlier appearance: a new era has arrived together with digital traces, the time is now.

Eduar Reyes Olivares
Símbolo Ingenio Creativo