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Advices on getting treatment overseas

10 important things to do before medical treatment abroad

Increasing numbers of people are electing to go abroad for medical treatment. Although the idea of travelling for treatment is a daunting feat, it is a marvelous option for those willing to explore its realms. The industry of medical tourism is booming and with a few precautionary steps, you can take part in it.

There is a short  list to do before you travel in Spain:

  1. Patients often turn to their local healthcare experts when planning a journey. Your doctor needs to verify your preexisting conditions. For example cardiac and respiratory disorders, and start appropriate treatment before travel.
  2. Arrange for follow-up care with your local health care provider before you leave.
  3. Obtain copies of your medical records, which should describe any allergies you may have.
  4. Prepare copies of all your prescriptions and a list of all the medicines you take, including their brand names, their generic names, manufacturers, and dosages.
  5. Check your passport and apply for any necessary visas, if you are not from EU. It’s important to note that applying for a visa can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s best to get it out of the way as soon as possible.
  6. Check the name and basic information in your airlines tickets. If you’re traveling abroad, most airlines and countries will require that the name on your ticket matches your passport EXACTLY.
  7. Keep your medical records and important contact information in your purse or hand luggage. Be especially careful not to pack medical records, prescriptions or important contact information in checked baggage as these can be lost or temporarily delayed.
  8. Consider how you will obtain cash at your destination. Advise your bank of your travel plans and keep access to more than one way of accessing money overseas, in case you lose a card or a card fails to work.
  9. Get the Information about the medical procedure process: Who will pick you up at the airport? Who will be your main contact at the hospital or clinic?
  10. Give yourself extra time.

Plan your trip so that you have a few extra days to rest before going back to work or your regular routine. A trip to HCB is an excellent opportunity to combine treatment with holidays! Visit the attractions of the Costa Blanca, try the local cuisine and relax.

Your health is important for us that´s why multilingual staff of HCB will accompany you during all the treatment, before you’ll arrive and after you’ll turn back home, and will be ready to help you with anything related to your treatment or other services and needs.

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Ekaterina Breslavtseva, Medical Case Manager. International Relations Department of HCB

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