Breast augmentation at Instituto Pérez de la Romana

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested interventions at Instituto Pérez de la Romana, and the most demanded in the world

There are many questions that arise before a person decides to undergo a surgery. Dr. Pérez de la Romana, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of Instituto Pérez de la Romana, answers some of these questions.

What is the Doctor Federico Perez de la Romanareason behind this intervention being highly demanded at this time of the year?

This is the most suitable time of the year for this surgery, since this is a minimally invasive intervention, with a very short recovery that produces excellent aesthetic results that allow women to enjoy throughout the summer season and wear low cut dresses and bikinis.

What kind of women demand this intervention?

There are two types: very young girls who have never had enough breast development and wish to increase the size of their breasts; and women who have had a proper breast size but, after pregnancy or hormonal changes, have lost their volume and wish to get it back. There is also a third case of women who, despite having an adequate breast volume, wish to get a bigger size.

From what age can this procedure be done?

In the case of adult patients whose breasts volume has decreased after a pregnancy, the intervention can be done whenever they find it necessary or require it. But young girls who have not had any breast development can only be operated after they turn 18 and have completed their breast development. It is important to note that for the last group, the lack of breast volume is a factor that conditions their life and tends to come together with psychological disorders; therefore it is convenient to operate them as soon as it can be done.

What characteristics make this intervention so frequent?

As we said, it is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed with local anesthesia and sedation, therefore, it doesn’t have risks and is carried out completely safe, allowing the patient to join work after a week.

What kind of care is needed before the surgical procedure?

It is very important to make a first visit with the surgeon so that the patient explains the results she wishes to obtain, and the surgeon can answer all the questions the patient may have and give her a very clear idea of the size that is recommended for her, as well as information on the implants and the technique that suits her case the most.

What kind of care is needed after the intervention?

Provided that the patient will wear a bandage during a week, they need to limit their physical activity, and they should avoid lifting heavy weights. After removing the bandage, a week later, the patient should not expose the scars to the Sun to avoid pigmentation. After a week the patient can go to the beach, always taking care of protecting the scars from the sun. And after one month the patient can practise any kind of physical activity and lead a completely normal life.


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