Charm by V.E.S, more than just a dance school

Would you like to change your body and spirit? In a month or two time you will feel the changes, both external and internal!

Nowadays, not only children are supposed to be engaged in ballroom dancing – the global development of the “pro-am” movement starts to conquer Spain too!

“Pro-am” comes from English “profesional-amateur”.

In other words, you are an amateur, a beginner (or advanced) dancer, and your coach (and a partner at the same time) is a professional.

Professionals and partners who are in love with the art of dance, Ekaterina Sopikova and Vladislav Sopikov, are giving classes at the Charm by V.E.S. dance academy in Altea.

The couple had come up with the idea of ​​creating their own academy in Moscow, before moving to sunny Spain, and it was here that it found real features and was realized into a business project. It is not only a place of rest, joy and meetings, but also self-improvement for those who have chosen dancing as a hobby. This is a totally new concept for the organization of festivals, parties and master classes in collaboration with different restaurants and cultural centers, as well as championships, where professionals and amateurs can take part. To be able to dance is extremely cool not only to be a star at a party, but also to yourself!

Individual and group classes in lines of: Argentine tango, salsa, bachata, merengue, capoeira

Group classes: Monday to Friday from 18.00

Individual classes: mornings and on Saturdays

Children groups

First class FREE!

A 10% discount provided to all Impuls PLUS readers on the purchase of a subscription with the code word “tango”!


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