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Come to eat in Villena!


A special cuisine…

Villena has a rich orchard in whose fields a variety of vegetables such as carrots, spinachs, lettuces, cabbages, etc., are cultivated; as well as first quality fruits: cherries, pears, apples and plums, among others. In addition, our privileged geographical location, halfway between the coast and the plateau, has left its mark by combining the culinary traditions from La Mancha and the Mediterranean region in our kitchen.

…to enjoy…

Try delicious dishes such as Gazpacho Villenero, Arroz y Pata, stuffed balls or the Triguico Picao, along with succulent dishes like the Zarangollo, sausages, or the simple and delicious Gachamiga.

…with the best wines…

We recommend you to accompany our dishes with excellent wines from Villena. Our city has the largest number of wineries in the D.O. Alicante. Some of them can be visited within the Alicante Wine Route.

Among our wines we highlight the Fondillón, the most famous wine from Alicante, a favorite of Kings such as Ferdinand the Catholic or, Phillip II and Louis XIV.

In the same way, olive oil is one of the most important natural products of Villena, pure olive juice, a basic of the Mediterranean diet.

…and delicious sweets!

On the other hand, in our bakeries and pastry shops you can taste the most appetizing traditional pastries, many of them of Muslim heritage: Sequillos, wine or anise rolls, Almendrados, Mantecaos…, which you can pair with the typical liqueur produced with the maceration of herbs from the mountains, such as Herbero, anisette or the dearest Kataki, a unique delicious drink of Villena.