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Conversation about design, or Why Omsk?

Friday, cloudy weather, and there is a little rain that threatens to go into a shower… I am a young journalist just finishing college, I run an interview with Ekaterina Bogachik, and I don’t believe in it myself. Studying interview materials, I admired this Woman more and more: two higher educations, internships in Britain and the USA, she is the owner of the largest furniture salon and design studio, and a huge number of interiors created by her speak for themselves. And what is especially striking is the geography of the projects, since the work of Ekaterina is in great demand abroad…

And now I’m sitting in a chic salon, where it smells like art. And she appears – exquisite, but simple and smiling. My heart immediately becomes somehow warmer, and the thoughts in my head are no longer confused. And here is the first and most interesting question for me:

Ekaterina, and why Omsk?

And I get the answer:

I am very comfortable living here. I have many relatives and friends for me here. We work in a beautiful place – the historical center of Omsk, we get here without traffic jams (Laughs) and we are happy in our city. And to work all over the world is without problems: a plane – and you are anywhere! The main thing is to be inspired and to competent construction team worked.

For example, we often go to Milan – fashion exhibitions, the atmosphere of the city, all these sensations are practically my second home, where I feel very comfortable.

And then an inconsistency appears in my head: how does Ekaterina manage to work in different cities and still feel comfortable, and I offer her an example for reflection…

What will you do if your client, say, lives in Amsterdam and wants to make an office there? How will you work with him?

I will fly to Amsterdam! I will meet a person, a company, their traffic, I will watch their movement around the office. It will be necessary to observe and carefully analyze all the details in order to finally make the interior as comfortable as possible for those people who will be there every day.

I am amazed and understand how hard it is to be a designer, and again I return to Ekaterina.

… And then I will set the technical task, in accordance with the tasks, and then I will work the same way as if we were in the same city. For example, when I was making an apartment in Milan, I realized how much everyone has a different mentality. The Italians have a lot of their moments, a taboo. When I offered to make a tile on the whole wall, they said to me: «What are you! No, we have not taken so. The walls must breathe. The tile is only on the apron!». And indeed, it is – they hardly even glue the wallpaper! Therefore, before working with foreigners, it is necessary to study their culture, habits and traditions. But do not forget that beauty is almost the same everywhere. And if the professional community says it’s beautiful, then it really is.

But how then to distinguish the real design from the work of an amateur?

And here Ekaterina’s eyes light up and it becomes clear that she is ready to talk about it for a very long time.

Design is not just creativity: as you wish, so it was painted – no! Design is a science in which there are a lot of laws. Ergonomics takes up a huge part of the design; this is paramount! Creativity and integration of new ideas overlaps. Understand the difference between a designer who has creativity, ergonomics and his own psychology?

There are those who just go and choose sofas and wallpapers. They did not invent anything new. This is some kind of foremen, material selection consultants. And the designer should embody some unusual, non-standard solution, an idea with a meaning!

Is the ability to work in all genres an indicator of professionalism?

No, it requires an integrated approach. We have a great team, together we think over all the projects: someone likes the classic more, someone has a modern style. And 3-4 people work on one project at the same time, but only under my direct supervision and personal control. Each style requires professionalism and our studio is distinguished by the fact that, whether it is a modern interior or a classic, we create a cozy world, because everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home.

We can even create interiors around a favorite item. For example, one of our customers had a steep, handmade old chest of drawers, but the interior needed a modern, stylish one. Therefore, we made laconic furniture, but at the same time supported their favorite chest of drawers with a suitable carpet and engraving on the wall, so that everything looked harmoniously together.

Perhaps, then you will tell about your favorite projects?

I have all my favorite projects: each project has chips; each has a soul and a zest. There is no only repetitive interiors (Laughs). I analyze the personality of a person and create an interior for it. This is how to sew a suit on the figure. All the great masters of haute couture sew under the order, also we, but in the interior. We have techniques that we can use, for example, we love to plant wood on walls and even ceilings. But we have no such, to sew a jacket for several sizes.

I really like this comparison of interiors and fashion: Ekaterina really works «from haute couture.»

And finally, I want to ask you about dreams. Is there an interior that you conceived and would like to bring to life?

I’m very interested in French style and would like to make a house or apartment in this style. To do this, I want to go to France to study it, because the French understand every subject. And the most interesting thing is that it always turns out like this: if I want to do something new and unusual, then there are necessarily people on these projects!

I give my thanks for taking the time and say goodbye.

I come out of salon «Bogach» right in the heart of the city, under the washed and already sunny Omsk, and I understand why this city is forever remain the home for Ekaterina Bogachik, a true Designer and the highest Professional in her field.

Elena Bodrova

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