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Elian’s School Pupil Tops English Language Teaching Level — At Age Thirteen!

A 13 year-old from IEP Elian’s British School of La Nucía has gained C1 level in English — the second highest level attainable, and considered close to that of a native speaker. Etelvina Alós, whose own first language is Spanish, took the Cambridge English examination before her 14th birthday and attained a grade higher than the level required to teach English in Spanish state schools.

Another two Elian’s students were awarded the highest Cambridge English exam marks in the school’s history. Ava Vanetie (18) and Borja Zaragoza (18) achieved ‘A’ grades in their Cambridge Proficiency in English exam, easily securing them the top C2 level, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). Six other Elian’s students also met the C2 requirements. Many native speakers of English would struggle to attain such high marks in the Cambridge English exams.

This year, we put forward the largest ever number of entrants to the Cambridge English exams from Elian’s and achieved a 100% pass rate. More than 80% of exam candidates at all levels got their target grades or above, including 33 students attaining the highest C1 and C2 levels. It’s an incredible achievement. (Acting Head of Secondary, Jennifer Wood)

Head of English, Cathal McCann said: “These results are a great endorsement of our approach to teaching English — by integrating preparation for the Cambridge English exams with the study of English literature and language for our students’ external GCSE assessments. When marked alongside native speakers in their GCSE exams last year, Elian’s students achieved a 100% pass rate, so I had every confidence they would excel in the Cambridge exams. That said, it’s still a magnificent achievement and I heartily congratulate them.”

Rosa Maria Tortosa, Director of Elian’s added: “These outstanding results show, once again, the value of immersing children in the English language from a young age. They also demonstrate how a dedicated team of teachers can guide students towards the highest possible achievements as they grow in skills and confidence. We are immensely proud of all of them.

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