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Europe’s Best Music Festivals in 2017. Part I

It’s festival season, and we have the ultimate list.

It’s that time of year — the air is warm, the nights are long and you can practically hear festival music wafting your way on a warm breeze. Yes, there are festivals all year long, and we’ve featured some of them on here too. But, there’s no denying that the start of summer rings in the mighty festival season, especially in Europe.

The European festival scene is amongst the best in the world, most likely for it’s combination of incredible history and preservation of tradition alongside its curious and progressive tendencies. It’s here where you will find the world’s leading classical artists performing in castles and rockstars hitting high notes in rolling countrysides or packed city centers.

During the summer months locals pour into the streets and internationals hop on planes to descend upon Europes most beautiful cities — all for a chance to hear their favorite musicians play in open air.  Whether you like to rock out, bop your head to jazz, hum alongside classical tunes or get lost in an international lineup — there’s a concert out there for you. Curious as to what we’ve found, and what we’ve deemed the best on the continent? Check out the article below and be sure to comment & share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

AERODROME FESTIVAL. Airport Letňany, Prague, Czechia

Dates: June 11
Entrance Price: 75 euro

You’re going to want to line up for this lineup, because this summer Linkin Park, Simple Plan, MGK, Enter Shikari, Royal Republic, Counterfeit, Mallory Knox are all performing at an old Czech airport for one of the hottest summer rock festivals, Aerodrome.

Prague is pretty much the perfect backdrop for a summer European festival. The city itself is spectacular, the weather is going to be as hot as the music, and the exchange rate will surely leave you feeling like a king.

TOPFEST. Piešťany, Slovakia

Dates: June 30 – July 1
Entrance Price: 30 euro

Running since 2004, Topfest 2017 is a multicultural rock festival featuring major names like Bastille, Rag – N- Bone Man, Gogol Bordelo, Skindred and amongst others. Besides the killer lineup, this year’s festival is full of different fun attractions like the FunZone, a book tent and even a beauty zone giving out makeovers to festival goers. If Slovakia wasn’t already on your list, we bet it is now.

ROCK FOR PEOPLE. Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Dates: July 4-6
Entrance Price: 80 euro

Rock For People 2017 is a Czech rock festival that for 22 years has celebrated everything from heavy metal to punk. Setup at a former airport, jet setters and rockstars now land here to party away for the two-day festival and get lost in the music.

With a mix of legendary talent and an electrifying atmosphere, this festival has solidified itself as a core element of the European rock scene. Oh, and this is who’s on the lineup this year: Die Antwoord, Paramore, Evanescence, Foster the People, Three Days Grace — just to name a few.

EXIT FESTIVAL. Novi Sad, Serbia

Dates: July 5-9
Entrance Price: 27 euro

Celebrating 50 years this year, Exit Festival started back in 1967 as a student movement for democracy in Serbia and since has transformed into an acclaimed festival. Its uniqueness lies in its mind-blowing location — the magical Petrovaradin Fortress — as well as artistic diversity, and local flavor.

Did we mention the lineup yet? This year they’ve snagged legends The Killers alongside talent like Years & Years, Alan Walker and more. Come to enjoy rock and contemporary music, dance to funky beats and celebrate this festival’s rich history.

LOST IN LIMOGES. Limoges, France

Dates: July 8-9
Entrance Price: 45 euro/per day

It’s easy to get Lost in Limoges when they supply amazing artists, sick beats and a killer atmosphere. Over the course of the 2-day festival, music lovers will listen to more than 22 French and international artists like the Foals, Peter Doherty, Naive New Beaters, Las Aves, Talisco and many other bands.

And when you get hungry, of course the French have you covered. This year they’ve hired local restaurateurs to take you on an epic journey through their local cuisine. There’s also going to be great drinks and huge lounges to kick back and relax, too. But let’s face it — you’re there to have fun. When it’s all said and done, though, exploring the nearby cities and country isn’t a bad way to kill some time.


Dates: July 14-16
Entrance Price: 69 euro/per day

Ilosaarirock is an institution in Finland. The open air festival has been running in this Nordic country since 1971, and every year since has featured music alongside different social and cultural programs.

This year, some 50,000 festival goers will sing and dance alongside the lakeside event’s five stages featuring artists like Imagine Dragons, Rag’n’Bone Man, Shellac and more. While you’re sure to leave Ilosaarirock with a smile on your face already, the fact that they donate part of the profits to local artists is pretty much the cherry on top of the festival sundae.


Dates: July 22
Entrance Price: £46

This year the award-winning Splendour Festival is wowing festival goers with a lineup that includes the famous Busted, 1980’s legend Tony Hadley (Ex Spandauu Ballet) and Grammy Award winning singer Billy Ocean — amongst many others.


The festival is for music lovers of all ages, with Splendour Festival encouraging families and everyone else to come out for the fun. There will be multiple stages for their 20,000+ guests to hop to throughout the day, as well as a kids area so the parents can go rock out on their own a little bit. This is an awesome event to see some legendary bands and enjoy some (hopefully sunny) British summer weather.

METAL DAYS. Tolmin, Slovenia

Dates: July 23-29
Entrance Price: 59 euro per day/150 euro for the week

Since 2004 festival goers have been rocking out to Metal Days in Slovenia. This year, the week-long festival will feature heavy metal legends like Marilyn Manson, Abbath, Death Angels and so many more. Seriously, check out the lineup, it’s huge.

Besides the killer music, this festival is also located on prime real estate between two mountain rivers called Tolminka and Soca. MetalDays has two “festival-owned” beaches for only festival-goers to relax on, and they’re just 65 kilometers off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. So, while you might head to Slovenia to party and rock out, at the end of it all you can relax and relish in the fun with a few days on the beach. Doesn’t sound too shabby, right?

LOW FESTIVAL. Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

Dates: July 27-30
Entrance Price: 38 euro a day/70 euro for the weekend

Featuring some of the world’s best indie rock bands in one of the most iconic cities of the Mediterranean, Low Festival is a bucket-list-worthy event. Alongside multiple stages, Low Festival has the grassy venue music lovers obsess over while being located right in the middle of the city. Oh, they also have an Olympic size pool to cool down in. And did we already mention they’re just 15 minutes from Benidorm’s spectacular beaches?

Since 2008 the festival has been thrilling indie-rock lovers, and this year they’ll be featuring artists like the Pixies, The Hives, Dorian, Fangoria and so many more. This is a summer festival that seriously has it all.

BRUTAL ASSAULT. Josefov, Jaromer, Czechia

Dates: August 9-12
Entrance Price: 85 euro

This famous metal and hardcore festival might be called Brutal Assault, but it will quite literally be music to your ears if you love this genre. Besides cultivating a loyal following and grabbing top 100 bands like the Architects, Power Trip, Nervosa, Macabre and many more, this festival has a killer venue.

The three-day festival, celebrating 21 years this year, will be held inside the 18th century Josefov Fortress. When you’re done rocking you’re going to want to check out this incredible part of East Bohemia where you can explore folk traditions, rich history, old castles and military fortresses and museums. It’s also important to note the exchange rate goes pretty far in Czechia these days, so if you’re looking for fun on a budget, this is the summer rock concert you’ve been looking for.

BLOODSTOCK. Burton-upon-Trent, Derbyshire, UK

Dates: August 10-13
Entrance Price: £60

Bloodstock is the UK’s award-winning hard rock & heavy metal weekender with a loyal following that’s come to love the strong lineup year after year. Proudly one of the best heavy metal festivals in all of the UK, Bloodstock is keeping the momentum up by announcing Megadeth, Ghost, Amon Amarth and so many more for this years show.

The backdrop to this festival isn’t so bad either, especially for beer lovers. The township is known for their brewing and the festival will be showcasing that part of the area’s rich history with a beer tent that has 100+ different ales. Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.

So, which festival are you excited for?

From steep Spanish cliffsides to the hills of Bohemia, France, Slovakia, Chezchia, England and beyond — these are the best concerts in Europe in 2017. Whether you’re into heavy metal, rock, smooth jazz, classical, or an international mix — there was at least one festival here that got added to your bucket list.

What makes each and every one of these concerts special goes beyond the music and the stunning locations. Yes, they all have stellar lineups and international fame, but they also have loyal followings. Behind each and every one of these festivals are music fans, lovers, buffs and aficionados who relish in the sound of live music. Without their continued support, none of these festivals would be what they are today.

So, are you going to be part of the story this year? Leave a comment and let us know!

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