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“Everything starts from a dream”

Interview with Mònica Gasquet and Pau Buigues, landscape designers and co-founders of Naturalia

What tendencies, in your opinion, can be identified today in gardening and landscape design?

First, gardening for us is the art of growing plants to create beautiful landscapes. Landscape design, in turn, is the art that allows us to transform the physical and sensory characteristics of space. Each person creates its own landscape (literally, “image of the homeland”), and thus he feels that he belongs and identifies with the place.

The continuous evolution of the landscape design is at the pace of time, space and social tendencies.

Currently, in our opinion, there are major changes in public awareness, where ethical values, environmental care, water saving and free time are in the first place. This tendency makes us see differently the Mediterranean landscape that today implies the areas of ecological garden, easy maintenance, reasonable design and native flora that can withstand hot weather with little water consumption.


The Mediterranean landscape is the garden that “does not become obsolete” and does not ruin over time as this happens with the “English garden”. It does not require large maintenance costs and is a green area in the design dominated by architectural solutions, limited shapes and classic geometry typical of the Renaissance or the “Italian garden”.

The technique that is most frequently used in the classical Mediterranean landscape, and that today has the greatest influence, is called “the arid landscape”. It consists of combining diverse inert materials and their integration into the landscape (rock fragments, crumbled minerals, etc.). Where elegant architectural objects, lighting and natural materials (wood, metal) are integrated organically. The result is the creation of luxurious ecological landscapes of top quality.

On the other hand, there is a tendency to choose plants with elongated leaves, such as fescue or miscanthus, and their combinations with more classical species such as the arbutus, myrtle or yew. Together they form a majestic vegetation, create the polychrome scenery, increase the diversity of leaves and even flowers.

It should be noted that this tendency affects the way of life of modern man very favorably, since these landscapes, although they require specialized methods for their maintenance, involve the most rational use of natural resources.

The landscape design is an art and science at the same time, and it is not a question of simply distribution of green plantations in a given space, but their examination, conceptualization, design, planning, organization and construction.

By contacting Naturalia you will be provided a consultation in which you can express your ideas and wishes about the landscape, and we will do everything possible to make your dream come true.


We are not the creators of design projects, but a tool with which our clients make their dreams come true.

What does Naturalia do?

Naturalia has been specializing for 20 years in project design and landscape construction and is the result of the merger of two companies, Garden Project and Camp d’Ana, founded in 1996 and 1999. The main premise of the company is the quality of the products and services provided, and also their offer at more competitive prices.

“Everything starts from a dream”

Mònica Gasquet, in her previous company Camp d’Ana, was in charge of supplying green plantations for her current associate, Pau Buigues. During their cooperation they both realized that they had many business ideas in common and not only that. In a few years, thanks to their business skills, seriousness, dedication and enthusiasm, they decided to create a joint project: the family business. This was how Naturalia appeared.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We dedicate to landscape design and creation of private and public gardens, green spaces in residential complexes, and work with private persons and commercial companies in the construction and real estate sector. The profile of our typical customer is the owner of a vacation housing who wants to plant a beautiful garden and is looking for a competent and experienced company in Spain.

Why Naturalia?

Perhaps I feel very proud to have answered that question. Because behind Naturalia there is a group of highly qualified experienced professionals and who accompanied us from the beginning and shared our illusions, emotions, attachment to work, ideas, desire to work and obtain excellent results. With these employees, Naturalia can offer its customers what they are looking for: the landscape of high quality and made with guarantee.

The interview conducted by: Cristina Rodríguez Vicente

Photo: Rubén Gil

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