Fundesem trains professionals for the challenges of the market

Fundesem trains professionals for the challenges of the market

FBS is closely linked to the business reality, which brings an added value to the development of their students

Fundesem Business School (FBS) specializes in management training. The school has over fifty years of experience aiming to serve the business network in the province and offer professionals the most advanced training, always tailored to the business reality.

With this extensive career, Fundesem keeps consolidating its main lines of work, excellence and academic rigor, to guarantee the performance of their students, whether they are newly qualified or active professional.

Fundesem trains professionals for the challenges of the market
A personal and individualized attention, an elegant personal treatment and the reward for the effort are the pillars that support the culture of FBS.

Fundesem offers a renewed offer of academic plans created from its close relationship with the business fabric from Alicante, a teaching staff of the highest level; a unique and differential methodology of work based on the case method; and all the necessary facilities for the perfect development of the academic experience of the student. All these key strengths are the result of the significant changes undertaken during the process of refoundation, which took place three years ago.

For this business school in Alicante people are the highest priority: its strategy is to transform students who pass through their classrooms thanks to a human and academic experience that will be always remembered.

This renewal project has led to the modernization and formalization of all Master Degree Programs, providing them with rigorous content tailored to the current business reality, following lines of work that respond to rigour and the academic demands.

After its refounding, Fundesem has become a reference point for the business community of the province. The school is a leading institution in advanced training, both for newly graduates as for active professionals and has successfully positioned itself in its social environment as a meeting and debate forum, and a support network to them companies and entrepreneurs. In fact, since the renovations carried out on the contents of the programmes, the school has tripled sales in private training for companies. An offer tailored to every need in several areas such as Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and Communication, among others.

Manager training is one of the pillars of FBS, and, in particular, of its MBA. The Master degree in Business Administration of Fundesem responds to the preparation of the most demanded professional profile at the moment: a highly qualified professional with an expert knowledge in a determined area who, at the same time, has an integral, managerial and multipurpose view of the company. A demanding programme which, in addition to providing a global business management training, is completed with a specialization in a specific area of interest: Economic-Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resources, International Trade and up to eight more areas.

Centre of employment in the province

Fundesem trains professionals for the challenges of the market

In addition to offering the highest level training, Fundesem has become the most important focus of employment creation in the province of Alicante thanks to its close relationship with the emerging trends that arise among the companies of the province. In fact, an employment observatory has been recently created, which allows FBS to present useful figures on the most demanded specialties by companies; the interest on certain professional profiles; and the latest trends in recruitment.

It’s worth mentioning the work of Fundesem’s Professional Careers Department, whose main objective is to enhance the employability of former students with the offer of paid internships for those fulfilling the profile required by the companies which are member of the foundation or associated with it. Professionals in this area help graduates to either relaunch their careers or reintegrate into the working world with coaching and job counseling programmes. This department managed the last course a total of 179 job offers and placed 55 students in different jobs with middle management and executive profiles.

Human values

In addition to team work, Fundesem attaches great importance to the values that teaching staff transmits to the students, who will be the future professionals of the companies in our environment. For this reason, the transmission of experiences, both professional and human, is crucial to encourage the development of personal skills which are essential for the work performance. In this regard, the responsibility of the business schools has to be very high. Being very aware of this, FBS powers the development of skills, getting to positively transform their students through the exemplariness of a first-class team and teaching staff. Its objective is to prepare managers for the business scenarios of the future.

In addition, students that end their training in the school become part of a network of professional opportunities, which enhance their career growth in the business field and adds an additional value to the development of their professional trajectory. This strong community of former students—the FBS Community—helps its members keep in touch with the school and enjoy educational, commercial, and family benefits.

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