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IMBA, a renowned master’s degree in Alicante taught in English

Fundesem Business School offers a new course to train management business leaders

If you are thinking about studying a master’s degree and you’d like to do it entirely in English, you don’t need to go to Harvard. In Alicante, Fundesem Business School offers its students the opportunity to study one of the most renowned masters in business management from the international scope: the IMBA.

Focused on newly graduates and executives, both Spanish and foreigners, who wish to develop their careers on a global scale, International Master in Business Administration allows them to obtain the qualifications of its counterpart in Spanish, the MBA, by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

Taught by professionals with a wide experience in management positions who work with English as their everyday language, the IMBA provides a deep knowledge of the business world scene and the necessary intercultural skills to succeed in business leadership.

The classes are eminently practical, focused on the transmission of the experience and based in the fundamental “learning-by-doing” idea. It is the famous “case study methodology” method, in which students must prepare and defend solutions for a proposed situation, thus exercising their skills for analysis and diagnosis.

This is the reason why at the IMBA teamwork is essential, as it improves skills for organization, integration and simulation of situations that may occur in a business environment, which helps the student to learn and adapt concepts to their professional reality. In addition, this work method promotes the exchange of different points of view, opinions and experiences among the participants.

All of this surrounded by the best atmosphere, with excellent facilities and an enviable location. FBS receives every year hundreds of students from up to twelve different nationalities who are committed to academic training excellence. A training based on effort, work and self-improvement as keys to achieve professional goals. In that sense, the Business School has promoted for years sports activities that fit into this vision and, from 2014, it boasts its own basketball team: Fundesem Basket School. It is an initiative promoting quality education for young people who share an interest for basketball, where Fundesem provides funding to all the necessary resources to attract the interest of good players.

On the other hand, FBS offers suitable facilities and cutting-edge technology so that students can develop their training activities at the Business School in Alicante. Their classrooms are equipped with all the necessary tools for an optimum pedagogical development, and to facilitate the interaction between students and teachers. In addition, the campus has large green areas for leisure.

Finally, its worth mentioning its proximity to the beach: just a five-minute walk, which is an excellent claim for those who think that work takes less effort when the Sun shines.

All these advantages make of Fundesem one of the best business schools in Spain and the International Master in Business Administration, one of the most prestigious international masters.
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