La Table Krug at El Portal is the new great dining experience

El Portal is the first Krug Ambassade bar, a concept where both brands share a unique space to enhance the perfect maison of champagne.

La Table Krug, the new great dining experience, has been inaugurated. A minimum of four diners and a maximum of eight diners have the opportunity to taste a menu developed by Sergio Sierra, where all the gastronomic products of the highest quality are combined and accompanied with a Krug Cuvée, one of the most unique champagnes by maison Krug, composed by a great variety of wines from different vintages.

La Table Krug is a unique table located at the most attractive corner of El Portal Krug Ambassade, the most exclusive and cosmopolitan gastronomic landmark in Alicante.

During the dinner or lunch diners have access to the most exclusive menu with a selection of Krug champagnes, jewels from different vintages. Cuvée, Rosé, Vintage, Collection, Clos du Mesnil and Clos d’Ambonnay, all of them with a 20% discount on the price marked on El Portal menu.

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]“La Table Krug” Menu


To share…
Iberian Bellota Ham Maldonado
Cecina from Leon cut knife
Half cure mullet roes

Iranian beluga caviar 000 with bread and butter
Grilled red shrimp from Denia
Egg yolk, potato, bacon and black truffle
Red tuna with sea nettles
Three cookings pigeon

Berries with mascarpone ice cream

Champagne Krug Cuvée (1 bottle / each 2 peo.)

Price per person: €190 (VAT included)[/blockquote]