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MasQi Hotel, The Energy House


I always say that maybe it’s because I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to more than 33 countries and I’ve seen so many different places that I specially look for unconventional and original places to stay and visit. This time, I was looking for something unique and special. A place where I could grow and find my best self and relax before the new year. And I found the perfect place; MasQi, THE ENERGY HOUSE.

MASQI is a lifestyle exclusive resort located in an impressive rural setting in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola, between Alicante and Valencia. The property, specially the beautiful 19th Century farmhouse, has been meticulously restored and decorated with the utmost of taste for a total feeling of relaxation.

The 8 rooms are spacious with great views of the surroundings hills and valleys and the food is superb. They offer Half or full board hotel stay with gourmet macrobiotic cuisine, yoga classes, an array of activities, therapies and massages and a whole lot more.

Among all the stay options, I took the MASQI TRANSFORM PROGRAM, a 7-day holistic program consisting on help you to improve your health, enhance your lifestyle, feel good about yourself, overcome self-limitations and bring to you tools for change that will help and inspire you to become the person  you want to be. It was perfect option to end the year and boost my energy for the 2017.

From the moment I step onto the property, I begin to feel lighter and at home. Maybe it’s because the house just breaths welcoming energy or because Sonia, the owner and soul of +Qi, transmits an energy and joy that makes this place unique. I was fortunate to stay here for a week and learn from Sonia. Everything in here is 5 starts and surpassed all my expectations, especially the restaurant.

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