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Natural corners of the Costa Cálida in the Region of Murcia

The Sun, always generous to the Costa Cálida coast, illuminates an infinite number of different landscapes all year round, both inside the Region of Murcia and on the coast itself. The nature of fabulous beauty, stretching over hundreds of kilometers, which will help relax your soul and your body!

The joy that a person experiences when doing sports in the fresh air is much stronger than that of being indoors. And if you take up sports with your family or friends in the unique atmosphere that the Region of Murcia offers, the satisfaction from such activities will be much greater.

Do you love nature? Then the region of Murcia is the right choice. Authentic and as natural as you are. Clear as water, solid as earth, and enveloping as air. The Sun lights up its diverse and beautiful landscapes, which stretch from the high mountains in the northwest to the coastline. A place where you can engage in all kinds of recreation in contact with nature, as well as enjoy water sports all year round. We have reasons to be proud. We will help you to fill yourself with joy on land, in water and in the air. Which tickles your fancy?

We offer a range of activities and entertainment that will positively affect your overall condition:

  • You can improve your state of mind and body as part of the “Forest Bathing” therapy and guided walks in the Valle de Ricote. Feel the unity with nature through enjoying the views from the observation decks and walking along the forest routes! This will help to get new emotions and activate all the senses. +info

  • Feel like an ecotourist for the day, seeing firsthand the most impressive picturesque places in the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña! Let your lungs fill themselves with the purest air and try local organic gastronomic delicacies from a tree or a patch! +info
  • Enjoy nature and clean air in the strait of Bolvonegro in Moratalla! The strait was formed by the power of water, which created unearthly shapes and lowlands, which, in fact, make this place amazing. +info

  • Give your eyes a rest! In the Region of Murcia, you will find what can most resemble the center of the earth. Cueva del Puerto with a 14-kilometer tourist route is a worthy cave if you like stalactite and stalagmite landscapes. Being the three aspects, adventure, sports and science are all merged in this place. +info
  • Reconnect with nature, take a break from the routine and enjoy the process of sighting while walking along the hiking route “Camino de Levante”! +info 

  • At dawn, take an excursion to the Natural Park of Las Salinas y Arenales in San Pedro del Pinatar to enjoy the colors of the rising Sun playing on the water surface of the ponds! You will also have the opportunity to see various species of water birds that live in this area, and impressive landscapes with sizeable salt mines. +info

Two seas, one shore

Can you imagine the opportunity to swim in two different seas in one evening? On the Costa Cálida, this is possible. It is washed by two seas – Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. They are suitable for spending unforgettable days of rest and tranquility in your chosen circle and at any time of the year, since the average annual temperature here is 19° C. Sun, relaxation and complete disconnection from reality – these words take you directly to paradise.

Embark on a journey along 252 km of coastline with endless beaches for every taste, where the Sun shines 300 days a year.

Costa Cálida is the perfect place to spend some unforgettable days of relaxation, whether in winter or summer. You can choose from four coastal areas to find the perfect beach: La Manga and Mar Menor, Lorca, Águilas and Mazarrón. Or you can visit each of them, forgetting about the routine! The combination of the sun and crystal clear waters of the Costa Cálida is a guarantee of happy moments.

Kilometers and kilometers of absolutely intact coastline are waiting for you in the regional park of Calnegre and Cabo Copa. You can get to these paradisiacal beaches and secluded coves with clear waters full of life only after a short walk along the paths and picturesque rocks. Secluded and intact, this coast is one of the deepest secrets of the region and a real gift for pioneering explorers.

Special climatic conditions with a large number of sunshine hours per year and a high salt content in the sea have led to the fact that mud has been deposited in the northern part of the lagoon for centuries, which is now called the mud of the Mar Menor Sea. It is perfectly suitable for medical procedures. These waters, in addition to their high salt content, are rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine and fluorine. There are also a large number of hydrotherapy centers located here, which use this healing water as the basis of their procedures.

Favorite sport on the Costa Cálida

Water sports enthusiasts will find here one of the best places in the world to practice in numerous clubs, ports and athletic schools.

  • Diving: You will regret that you were not born a fish to be able to go diving all year round on the Costa Cálida, given the extraordinary biodiversity of the waters of the coast, the comfortable temperature and the large concentration of sunken ships. The seabed of the coast makes it the best place for diving in the Mediterranean, according to expert practitioners.
  • Sailing on a centerboarder (yachting): On any day of the year, be it winter or summer, under a blue sky and without a single cloud, you can learn to navigate under the guidance of experienced instructors on a centerboarder, laser (racing centerboarder) or a sailing yacht 470 in a safe sea space and away from the shore. The calm waters of Mar Menor, especially in the early morning, make this sea the best school in Europe for learning and practicing sailing on centerboarders.

Do you want to sail the water expanses at full speed, making the most of the wind power? Then a high-speed catamaran is the right vessel for you. It is designed to achieve a higher average speed than single-hulled yachts, but without compromising their stability, which is greatly increased thanks to the two hulls. Catamarans offer you the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying on the water even with a gentle breeze and without putting you in danger.

  • Windsurfing: It allows us to be between the water and the wind, being in balance with them and using their strength and energy. The ideal place for such communication with the elements is Mar Menor, where light and mean winds blow. Shallow, still and safe waters with moderate temperatures make swimming lessons in these waters a game. When the Levante wind rises, the Mediterranean Sea begins to grow rough, and the sky is covered with clouds, in the waters of Mar Menor you are protected from the force of the sea element and can continue swimming.
  • Kitesurfing: Mar Menor is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for beginning kitesurfers due to its special natural conditions. This is a very safe sea, with a shallow depth and slack winds.

  • Yachting: Sailing on Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea aboard a sail boat, enjoying the sun and wind, feeling the waves at your feet, is another of the exciting activities that we are ready to offer. Through the help of local charter services or renting a sailing vessel, with or without a skipper, you can learn the basics of yachting, enjoying days in the fresh air, discovering the hard-to-reach corners of Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea, or enjoying spectacular sunsets from the deck.
  • Jet ski: Riding a jet ski is the closest sport to floating on water, whether it is a maneuverable single or stable double and triple jet skis. Jet skiing in Mar Menor will be one of those entertainments that you will remember with delight: you will reach a speed that is unthinkable in any other sea, which guarantees huge doses of adrenaline and fun.
  • Waterskiing: Learning to water ski is a useful and simple science. Having zero experience should not bother you, as we will teach you everything necessary so that you can enjoy and practice this wonderful sport in complete safety. If, on the contrary, you are an expert, all you have to do is rent equipment or, if you already have it, enjoy skiing like never before.
  • Banana boat ride: One of the most fun activities that does not require any additional training. Aboard the banana boat, which is powered by a motor boat, you will need to hold out as long as possible without falling.
  • Flyboard: A new type of water sport, where a board with two powerful descending jets is attached to your feet, which allow you to hover over the water, dive into the water, jump like a dolphin and do all sorts of pirouettes. It does not require physical strength, but it requires balance and, most importantly, it is necessary that you feel comfortable playing in the water.
  • Canoeing: Canoeing in Mar Menor offers you a wide variety of options. For example, exploring one of the five islands of Baron, Redondela, Sujeto, Ciervo or Perdiguera, visiting the Natural Park of Las Salinas y Arenales in San Pedro del Pinatar or cross one of the five passes connecting Mar Menor with the Mediterranean Sea. Learn to go canoeing or try kayaking!

Spa centers are the best form of antistress therapy

To make your stay in the region even more beneficial, you can combine an active holiday with a stay in any of the spa complexes, thalassotherapy centers or thermal sanatoriums of the Region of Murcia, where the offer of such institutions is quite is enormous.

The water resorts of the Region of Murcia offer visitors modern amenities, hotels that are perfectly equipped in accordance with all requirements, thermal water pools (open-air or indoor), sports facilities and exclusive medical services.

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