The largest Ferris wheel in Europe

Ferris wheel

Number of the week: How high will the largest Ferris wheel in Europe be?

459 feet in the height of the Ferris wheel to be built in Moscow by 2018

Europe’s largest Ferris wheel is to be built at Moscow’s exhibition and amusement park VDNKH, reports. According to the press department of the fairground, the new complex, with a total area of almost seven hectares, is to be located near the southern entrance of the park.

The gigantic 459-foot-high (140-meter) wheel is designed to have 30 closed cabins, including three “superior” ones, each with a capacity of 20.  The glass-walled cabins will offer a 360-degrees bird’s eye view over Moscow.

For visitors’ comfort each cabin will be equipped with air-conditioning and a heating system, which also means the wheel will operational all year round in any weather. The complex will be able to accommodate 600 people at a time and will complete a full rotation in 25 minutes.

Promoters say that guests will be shown a 4D-movie about the history of the wheel. Also, each cabin will have a guide to answer visitors’ questions.

The old 240-foot-high (73-meter) Ferris wheel at VDNKH was dismantled in July 2016. The new one will be the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world, competing with the 541-foot (165-meter) Singapore Flyer in Singapore and the famous 443-foot (135-meter) London Eye.

 Artur Shaykhutdinov

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