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Quirónsalud leading international tourist and resident patient care

Quirónsalud Torrevieja and Valencia hospitals are a benchmark in the Valencian Community as they offer an international approach with in-house translators, international admission and bilingual medical staff. 


Health industry is one of the industries with the best future prospects in the economy of the Valencian Community. Its rapid growth in the last decades thanks to training human talent and investments in facilities made it stand out within the country and increase the inflow of national and international patients looking for health care in our hospitals. Additionally, our great human talent along with the existing avant-garde technologies and the qualified medical staff excel.

Quirónsalud Hospitals are excellence international hospitals, with a highly-qualified professional team and an avant-garde technology. They offer lots of medical specialties, becoming a world-renowned multidisciplinary center for surgical oncology and other medical and surgical specialties. Their cutting-edge-technology makes them, nowadays, the best-equipped private hospitals in the Valencian Community. With an over twenty-five years of expertise, around 800 people have been working to attend their patients every day. Their locations –Valencia, located in the city center, and Torrevieja, the prime touristic city- turn them into a benchmark for health tourism and foreign citizens who are aiming to settle in the city.

Leading the ranking

We are leaders in international patient care and we developed a health management system in line with the needs of our patients. We have a prestigious medical staff, avant-garde technology and experience, which are the essential ingredients to offer an excellent health service

Francisco Fiestras, Quirónsalud Territorial Managing Director in Levante.

A total international focus, our key element for internationalization

A hospital intending to have an international nature must be focused and configured like this from the beginning, what necessarily passes through an International admission department which respects the culture of those patients, since it does not make sense to treat a Russian patient the same as an Arab patient or a French patient.

Torrevieja Quirónsalud Hospital recognized as the ‘Highly recommended’ Best International Hospital worldwide in the category of Best International Hospital in the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2017 due to its care to international patients.

– International Department, 24h available.

– Specific floors for international patients.

– Translation service

Torrevieja Quirónsalud Hospital

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