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Region of Murcia, a place for recreation and treatment

For many centuries, the Region of Murcia has been specializing in health tourism. The ancient Roman and Arab civilizations chose this land because its waters and climate are favorable for well-being, balance of mind and healing. The earth, where the sun shines for more than 3 thousand hours a year.

The region has springs of mineral waters and two seas, the Mediterranean and Mar Menor. The latter is a lagoon which has the properties of water, mud and the essential vital trace elements that are very beneficial for health.

According to the OECD well-being index, Murcia ranks 3rd in Spain in terms of satisfaction with the quality of life. The rating for the quality of local health care and medical safety reaches 8.7/10 and 9.5/10, respectively.

Costa Cálida Cares

Come to the Region of Murcia to enjoy any medical or wellness treatment you need! Costa Cálida Cares, a private association that brings together local resorts, thalassotherapy centers, hospitals, private clinics and medical service companies, will help you with this.

The region of Murcia offers a wide and diverse range of medical procedures that combine advanced surgical technologies, the experience of highly qualified specialists and an individual approach to the patients. The main goal is to offer the highest quality services, establish and maintain close and friendly relations with the patients to make them feel at home.

Two hospitals within the association, HLA La Vega and Mesa del Castillo, have been awarded the highest mark of European excellence EFQM 400+. Furthermore, the COVID-19 prevention and treatment protocol present at the HLA La Vega Hospital was commended, and the Mesa del Castillo Hospital was awarded for the best management of a private hospital during the pandemic in 2020.

In the centers of the Costa Cálida Cares Association, we take care of patients and do not limit ourselves to the treatment of diseases. Within a wide range of specialities, we offer the following focus areas:

Reproductive medicine

Having a child and starting a family is one of the most important wishes of a person. Therefore, our goal is to help in its fulfillment.

HLA La Vega – La Vega Department of Reproductive Medicine

The La Vega Department of Reproductive Medicine is part of the UR International Group of Reproductive Medicine, which has more than 35 years of experience. Its professionals develop a model of high-quality reproductive medicine according to strict protocols, existing in the intrahospital centers at the hospitals of the HLA group.

Due to the striving urge for maximum medical safety and perfection, as well as for continuous advanced training, research and teaching development, the UR concern has become the benchmark of medical service at the national and international levels. Every year, more than 11 thousand reproductive procedures are performed in its centers, the success rate of which is 90%, a number that is significantly higher than the standards published by the Spanish Association of Reproductive Medicine (SEF).

The La Vega Department of Reproductive Medicine offers innovative methods of infertility treatment, techniques and treatment adapted to each case, with a guarantee of a comprehensive approach, experience and professional commitment. The center specializes in complex medical cases and guarantees the birth of a healthy child via the use of advanced technologies and innovative genetic diagnostics for the selection of embryos and getting pregnant in the shortest possible time.

The most important thing for us is to guarantee the medical safety of patients and their future offspring, and to that end it is necessary to be part of such a multidisciplinary and highly professional medical infrastructure as the HLA La Vega hospital. (M.D. Manuel Lloret, head of HLA La Vega, and Francisco Anaya, medical director of HLA La Vega)

The La Vega Department of Reproductive Medicine guarantees the patients the development of a healthy pregnancy with the implantation of a single embryo, which reduces the number of multiple pregnancies.

We have developed SecureFIV which is a treatment method based on preimplantation genetic testing of embryos obtained as a result of a single cycle of in vitro fertilization. It allows us to identify embryos with chromosomal changes and select healthy embryos with the potential for implantation and the development of a healthful pregnancy.

The embryology laboratory of the La Vega Department also has incubators with timelapse technology, which allows you to visualize the embryonic development from the moment of fertilization to transfer to the uterus.

Moreover, the freezing of oocytes by vitrification is used – a relatively new and revolutionary technique that is able to preserve the original reproductive potential of eggs. In this case, the pregnancy is similar to that achieved with the use of fresh eggs.

“The success of vitrified oocytes lies in the fact that they retain their quality, do not have an expiration date and can be preserved for an unlimited period of time.”

Another important advantage of using vitrification is the preservation of the eggs of women who have to undergo cancer treatment at the reproductive age. This not only does not endanger their reproductive health, but also maximizes their likelihood of becoming a mother after the disease recedes.

Tahe Fertilidad

The specialists of the Tahe Fertilidad center have extensive experience in the field of reproductive medicine and biology and apply the latest technologies, in particular EmbryoScope, to guarantee the best results.

The premises of the center are thought out and planned in such a way that makes patients always feel as comfortable as possible, and the relaxing modern design fully meets their needs.

The results are important for us, and thanks to our research, we managed to achieve 99.99% of the consolidated figure in ovodonation (after 3 cycles), as well as receive more than 90% of positive feedback from our patients participating in the quality questionnaire (according to ISO 9001/2008).

Tahe Fertilidad is the only center in Murcia that has a Psychological Support Department and offers yoga and acupuncture for the individual and group treatment of infertility.

Mesa del Castillo

The Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine of the Mesa del Castillo Hospital offers a comprehensive service from professionals specializing in the prevention of diseases, monitoring the course of pregnancy and infertility treatment.

Within the framework of the Department, the FertilidadRoca center has been registered, which has been leading in solving issues of reproductive medicine and applying innovative methods for more than 10 years. It is headed by Roca, M. D., whose team has always been distinguished by a friendly attitude to patients and an attentive approach to their needs.

15% of people of reproductive age, as a rule, have problems with conceiving a child. Each case of possible infertility should be studied individually, with tact and all the rigor of medicine. This involves studying a medical case, making a diagnosis after appropriate tests, providing clear and complete information and prescribing the most appropriate treatment with an indication of its success. We carry out insemination, in vitro fertilization, ICSI, vitrification of gametes or embryos, preimplantation genetic diagnostics, etc.

I always strive to ensure that my patients do not feel lonely, and I accompany them as much as I consider it necessary. (M. D. Roca)

Other medical focus areas

Costa Cálida Cares offers the opportunity to combine treatment with wellness therapy, which multiplies the advantages of an extensive approach.

  • Surgery and aesthetic medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Traumatology and prosthetics
  • Dermatology

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