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Spa-resorts in Murcia

Balneario de Archena

Thermal waters, elixirs for eternal youth

Apparently one of the secrets of eternal youth is the thermal waters, and you are very lucky because in Murcia you can enjoy authentic thermal springs. The spas in the Murcia region meet the highest requirements and offer visitors modern facilities and well-equipped hotels with thermal pools (both indoor and outdoor), sports facilities and professional health care.

Balneario de Archena

Located in the very heart of Valle de Ricote, it is considered one of the best spa-center in Spain both in terms of facilities quality and in spa procedures quality. Balneario de Archena owes its location to a mineral-medicinal spring which was born under its foundation, the properties of which make it a perfect place to go on a health tourism trip 365 days per year.

The thermal resort covering more than 200.000 square meters of Balneario de Archena, includes three spa-hotels. They all provide a range of services and have corresponding certificates from the Spanish Institute of Tourism Quality. A stay in the hotels of Balneario de Archena is a real pleasure and a perfect choice for your health tourism destination. Moreover, the complex welcomes its guests all year round. Balneotherapeutic and respiratory procedures are held in “Thermal gallery”. A special appeal of the façade of these buildings and the landscape architecture of their gardens includes a whole world of comfort, coziness and services which allow you to feel at home.

“Thermal space” is a place where you can say goodbye to the feelings of tiredness, stress and enjoy yourself in a natural environment.

Apart from that, Balneario de Archena has a “Safe Tourism Certified” certificate – a symbol of guarantee and confirmation of the implementation of health risks prevention regarding COVID-19.

The around of Balneario de Archena offers you unlimited opportunities to treat your body and mind:

  • practicing “Forest swimming” with a walking excursion along Valle de Ricote;
  • kayak, canoe or pirogue rafting on the Segura river;
  • a beach day in Abaran and Blanca far from the coast.

Balneario de Leana

Well-known since the dawn of time, Balneario de Leana is one of the oldest in Spain and one of the most attractive spas. Leana is an enchanting name whose origins are lost in endless corners of the time itself. This is the name that was used in several ancient cultures. From Celtic Ireland to the coast of Roman Mediterranean.

Founded in the 5th century BC and located in Los Baños de Fortuna, 30 km away from Murcia and one-hour drive away from the closest beaches, this spa-center occupies a bright building of the 19th century and offers rooms in a classical style in three hotels.  Here you can find Roman baths with hydromassage pools, bubble volcano, milk pool, aroma showers and a sudatorium. Two big and open pools with hot thermal water are open all year round and are a perfect addition to our thermal procedures. The complex is accompanied by a café-theater, a concert hall and a multicultural entertainment area, where you can find live performances along with various dishes from international cuisine every night.

Balneario de Leana is an oasis of health in the middle of a desert.

The waters from the Fortuna spring are 46ºC, and thanks to their components, they have incredible healing powers, they are prescribed for rheumatism, arthrosis and respiratory diseases. Aside from that, a hypotonic composition of this water makes it suitable for cosmetic procedures.

If you choose to enjoy this spa, Fortuna offers you great opportunities to combine thermal treatment with other activities:

  • “La Fuente” camping with four heated (32-36ºC) spa-like pools, a bubble bath, aeromassage, canyon and waterfalls;
  • visiting Iberian and Arabic settlements and a Roman sanctuary Cueva Negra;
  • excursions to the regional park Sierra-de-la-Pila, particularly meant for those who are in favor of mountain biking;
  • visiting swampy fields of Ajauca and Rambla Salada, proclaimed a special area due to internal salt mines and to protect birds because of a large stork population.

Balneario Bahía de los Delfines

The complex is located in Mazarron, 50 m from the sea, and offers their visitors a unique natural space for relaxation, and a better experience overall. There is no doubt that it is a perfect option if you want to unplug from the world in comfort and with an engaging event program.


In the spa-center Bahía de los Delfines, your mind and body will be as good as new thanks to thermal waters of volcanic origin.

Combine your visit to the spa-center with an active holiday outdoors!

  • visiting Erosiones de Bolnuevo – rock formations, carved and formed by water and wind;

  • meeting dolphins, cachalots and pilot whales (black dolphins);
  • scuba diving of different levels, starting from those who want to try diving for the first time, to more professional diving with specialists from local diving centers and schools;

  • 35 walking or biking routes along the coast, mountain ranges and virgin sights;
  • photoshoots in abandoned mines, buildings and pools with iron from this region.

Special offers for the Impuls PLUS readers

Balneario de Archena

“Thermal Health”
120 € (low season), 128 € (high season)

  • 4 nights and more in 4-star hotel
  • Thermal treatment to your liking: Health, Breathing or Beauty
  • Breakfast
  • Free access to thermal spa-pools
  • Medical check-up

15% discount if you book in advance (more than 30 days before the visit)

More information:
+34 968 688 022

Aguas Salinas

More information:
+ 34 968 184 136 / 600 026 948

“Wellness Basic Package”, 35 €

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Relaxing local massage 25 mins.
  • Parafango procedure
  • Infrared lamp therapy

“Thalasso Special”, 58 €

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Sea mud body wrapping on an inflatable bed with hot water
  • Shower with manual pressure
  • Parafango procedure
  • Relaxing local massage 25 mins.
  • Infrared lamp therapy

“Biodetox”, 65 €

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Detox body wrapping with algae on an inflatable bed with hot water
  • Shower with stimulating pressure
  • Drainage massage or a local anti-cellulite vibro-massage
  • Hydrolymphatic session (natural body cleanse)
  • Drainage drink

“Whole Beauty”, 48 €

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Yoghurt-strawberry face peeling with a personalized mask
  • Massage (face, neck and low neckline)
  • Eyebrow design and epilation
  • Paraffinic arms and legs moisturization procedure

“Muscle Relax”, 170 €

  • Duration: 60-90 mins., for 6 days without accommodation.
  • 6 sea mud wrappings on an inflatable bed with hot water
  • 6 shower procedures with manual pressure
  • 3 Parafango sessions
  • A mud vessel for home use

“Salt Mines Delux”, 55 €

    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Body peeling to your liking – based on cherry, chocolate, grape or sea salt
    • Body wrapping on an inflatable bed with hot water based on wild cherry, chocolate or grape (your choice)
    • Relaxing shower
    • Body moisturization with a cherry, cocoa or grape oil to your liking

“Beauty Gold”, 490 €/ pax

  • Accommodation for 2 people in a one-bedroom apartment
  • Half board for 2 people
  • Body peeling with sea salt and essential oils
  • Tonic manual shower
  • Candle massage 50 mins.
  • Manicure session
  • Pedicure session
  • Radio frequency face treatment on the method for INDIBA

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