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Strengths of a manager

Leadership is a complex task. One of the keys to good leadership is to accept that the world is imperfect. To achieve professional and personal success, we must face reality as it is. What strengths managers should have in order to lead today’s organizations, with all their imperfections in terms of structures, resources, and environments?

1. Know how to speak

Silence and verbal incontinence are both negative.

2. Know how to listen

Humility is a learning opportunity.

3. Keep your spirits up

In moments of triumph as well as failure.

4. Don’t seek out compassion

Stay balanced and don’t burden others with your search for comfort.

5. See a coach

It’s a sign of strength, not weekness.

6. Manage your stress

Balance the assumption of responsibilities.

7. Anticipate other people’s problems

Look beyond your own interests.

8. Be able to drop out of projects

Without getting dangerously sentimental.

9. Don’t take on more than you can handle

As if failure were not possible

10. Cut and rest

Keep your ideas clear.

11. Delegate and teach

Don’t rely disproportionately on your own resources.

12. Manage imperfection

Eschew rejection and anger.

13. Don’t get angry when criticized

Resist with patience.

14. Accept the unsolvable

Don’t get angry with reality.

Javier Fernández Aguado
Director of the “laCaixa” Banking Foundation Management Chair
IE Business School

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