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Thalassotherapy centers in the Murcia Region

Healing energy of sea water

The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians themselves talked about the healing properties of sea water and recommended swimming in the sea to strengthen the health of the body and soul. Interesting thalassotherapy offers can be found on the Costa Calida coast, thanks to the local Mar Menor lagoon.

The salt levels in the waters of the Mar Menor are very high; the waters are also rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine and fluoride, which are ideal for treating arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, osteoporosis, physical and mental exhaustion and many other diseases.

You can’t possibly find a better place to restore the health of your body and soul! We invite you to the Region of Murcia so that you can get to know its thalassotherapy centers! Here you will be offered a wide range of personalized treatments using sea water (hydrotherapy), sea air (aerotherapy) and sunbathing (heliotherapy).

Mud Baths in Mar Menor

Special climatic conditions of Mar Menor, including many sunny days per year and a high saltcontent of the local waters, have led to the deposition of mud in the northern part of the lagoon for centuries, which go excellent with healing procedures.

If you suffer from diseases related to bones and joints, skin pathologies, rheumatism, arthritis or gout, do not hesitate to use the famous Mar Menor muds in the area of ​​the San Pedro del Pinatar salt lagoons! A layer of healing mud applied to the skin will absorb all toxins from the peripheral connective tissue system and remove them from the dermis through the lymphatic system, operating due to the principle of tissue paper. These muds are also used as an anti-inflammatory solution. They are also used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments in some thalassotherapy centers around Mar Menor.

The Thalasia Costa de Murcia Hotel ****

The hotel is in a privileged Mediterranean enclave, next to the San Pedro del Pinatar Regional Nature Reserve and Salt Lagoons, and it is an oasis of peace and relaxation on the coast of Mar Menor. The facility offers the advantages of modern thalassotherapy as part of the most comprehensive treatment programs that allow you to achieve the highest level of relaxation, stress relief, health restoration and balance of the body in the most natural way. The hotel has 213 rooms, a sea water spa with large swimming pools, and recreational spaces with a wide variety of treatments such as physiotherapy, hydrology and wellness therapy.

Thalasia specialists use Mediterranean water with a special ionic concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine and fluoride to achieve effective therapeutic benefits and provide a unique experience of a natural healing process.

Thalasia has a comprehensive wellness concept: to feel good, you need to be in harmony with yourself. Therefore, we pay special attention to caring for the appearance and aesthetics based on the healing properties of sea water. Apart from sea water, we also use pure mineral water, which is processed with the help of advanced scientific methods and which forms the basis of our exclusive cosmetic products.

Get to know about the procedures of hydrology, physiotherapy, restoration, relaxation and cosmetology of Thalsia on the website

The Lodomar spa & talasoterapia Hotel ****

This Spa Hotel is situated opposite the San Pedro del Pinatar Natural Reserve and Salt Lagoons and is a privileged location that nature lovers will definitely enjoy. Its exclusive thalassotherapy center is the only center with a heated pool with water from the Mar Menor lagoon, which can only be compared with the water of the Dead Sea. It is perfect for a cozy getaway, 500 meters from the beaches of Mar Menor with the unique views of La Manga, the salt lagoons and the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel complex offers two types of accommodation: 4-star hotel with 80 double rooms and 8 junior suites; in the range, there are also two-room tourist apartments for up to 4 people. All guests have access to common areas, a café, an outdoor pool, a buffet type of restaurant and of course an exclusive spa center with a Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, ice cabin and so on.

The water of the heated pool is unique: it comes to the Lodomar hotel territory directly from the salt mines and has a very high concentration of iodine, which drastically enhances its healing properties.

The Lodomar Thalassotherapy Center, registered in the health care system as a rheumatology center, is considered an institution specializing in the development of treatments for various pathologies such as psoriasis, rheumatism, arthrosis, stress, disordered eating, etc. Visitors can also get a consultation from a medical hydrology and physiotherapy specialist.


Download the procedures of the Lodomar spa center.

The & spa Entremares Hotel ****

The hotel is famous for its privileged location directly on the seacoast, a unique view of the Mediterranean Sea and a private way to the beach with pools: an outdoor one and the one with a heating system. It is perfect for a family vacation or a romantic holiday.

The hotel offers 371 rooms, lounges for recreation and entertainment, outdoor health and leisure centers, a thermal center with swimming pools, massage and relaxation areas targeted at stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the body. Aside from that, this spa hotel features a wellness area with dry sauna, a steam room with eucalyptus, ice well, aroma showers, jacuzzi and the “Sea Breeze” pool.

The heated pool is also equipped with a stationary hydraulic chair, making it even more convenient for visitors.

The Centro Vital Aguas Salinas Health Center

This tourist apartment complex is located next to Mar Menor, close to the La Puntica Beach and 50 meters from the San Pedro del Pinatar salt lagoons. The complex includes four floors of apartments, a wellness center and an outdoor pool with the view of Mar Menor.

It offers a wide range of relaxing body treatments, varying from hot wraps (with chocolate, cherry, wine, pomegranate, seaweed and local sea mud) to hydromassage tubs, Vichy showers and Scottish showers.

Aguas Salinas has more than 20 years of experience in the use of the Mar Menor sea mud and specializes in treating methods for psoriasis, muscle pain, rheumatism and arthrosis, which are personalized for each case.

The center is also developing its own line of natural products from the Mar Menor and Pinatar sea mud, which allows the visitor to continue their therapy at home.

Costa Calida is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday, for both winter and summer time, thanks to an average temperature of 19ºC, 300 sunny days a year and the healing waters of Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

La Manga is an iconic tourist attraction. Only here you can swim in two seas at the same time, and only here you can see how the sun rises and sets over the water. Clear, calm, warm shallow water… The waters of Mar Menor are great for children and adults who want so swim, as well as for water sports. All beaches are located in convenient places and offer a variety of services.

San Pedro del Pinatar is the perfect place to wander near the ponds vibrant with sunrise colors, to observe various species of native birds and to enjoy the overall landscape formed by the high salt mines.

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