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The Art of Customized Shoemaking of Isabel Aguado

Isabel Aguado, the creator of the brand Isabel Aguado. Zapatos Personalizados (‘customized shoes’), runs a boutique in Alicante that specializes in unique, customized footwear. The shop offers shoes for special occasions, parties, weddings, streetwear, and even Latin dancing for both men and women, all available in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors.

Beginning in Shoemaking

Isabel’s journey into shoemaking began when she was only 15 years old, working in a neighborhood store in Alicante. Her love for design and fashion and her attraction to bold and daring shoe styles led her down the path of becoming a shoemaker. Though she faced challenges, such as misunderstandings with customers over her stylistic choices, her passion and resolve only grew stronger.

Customized Shoes


Isabel’s desire to meet individual customer needs sparked the idea of offering fully customized shoes. She realized that women have diverse preferences and requirements, such as specific foot widths or favorite fabrics. Her customized approach allows customers to tailor every aspect of their shoe, from shape and heel height to materials and colors, ensuring that each pair is an extension of the wearer’s personality and needs.

Balancing Style and Comfort

Isabel describes the challenge of balancing style and comfort, especially for special occasions like weddings. She carefully considers her clients’ preferences and comfort levels when selecting heel types, materials, and designs. Her goal is to create attractive, trendy shoes that also fit well and remain comfortable, even after extended wear.

Latin Dance Shoes Line

Recognizing an unmet market need, Isabel introduced a line of Latin dance shoes. These shoes require unique features, such as exceptional flexibility and support, and must be both stylish and suitable for dancing. This exciting challenge attracted Isabel, leading her to develop a line that perfectly blends functionality, comfort, and style, enabling dancers to move freely and look fabulous.

Geographically Diverse Clientele


Isabel’s clientele extends across various Spanish cities, thanks to her use of social networks. Despite the geographical spread, she ensures that all customers receive personalized attention and high-quality shoes tailored to their individual needs. Serving diverse customers also helps her to understand and adapt to different tastes and styles, enriching her growth as a shoe designer.

Overall, the interview offers a comprehensive look into Isabel Aguado’s world of customized shoemaking, from her early beginnings to her innovative offerings. Her commitment to understanding and catering to individual customer needs, her challenges in balancing style with comfort, and her success in diversifying her catalog make her stand out in the competitive world of fashion and design. Her story is a testament to her creativity, dedication, and love for her craft.

C/ Castaños, 5, 1 izq.
03001 Alicante
+34 616 051 919

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