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The recognition of King’s College Murcia as a world-class school on High Performance Learning

The accreditation, granted by the prestigious High Performance Learning (HPL) organization in the UK, recognizes “schools at the forefront of educational thinking with exceptional outcomes for students” and acknowledges King’s College Murcia “exceptional level of education”.

Considered one of the best schools in Spain by prestigious publications such as Forbes magazine and the newspaper El Español, King’s College Murcia opened its doors in September 2007 with 65 students, as the first British school in the Region of Murcia. Today it caters more than 500 students between 18 months and 18 years old, and has already become a reference center in the Region thanks to the excellent results obtained by its students. Now it adds a new international recognition, thanks to its recent distinction as a world-class school in HPL.

“Academic excellence has always been a fundamental pillar at King’s College. Our curriculum, based on the British system, is rigorous and challenging, and our students achieve exceptional academic results year after year. Thanks to the HPL approach, what we achieve is that each student is able to discover and focus on their own strengths, working on skills such as reasoning, mental agility and inquiry”. (Dawn Akyürek, Director Headteacher of King’s College Murcia)

An innovative approach to uncovering students’ “hidden talents”

HPL is a philosophy based on several neuroscientific and pedagogical researches that have contributed to increasing our knowledge of human capacity.

“Findings in these sciences have determined that brain is exquisitely plastic and we can grow our intelligence. Thus, HPL views all students as potential high achievers who are not limited by ability”. (Deborah Eyre, Professor, Founder of the HPL organization)

HPL offers a teaching framework that identifies the attributes, values and practices necessary for students to achieve their peak performance. The motivation and personalization of education are fundamental pillars of this methodology.

“For King’s College Murcia, HPL means discovering that ‘hidden talent’ or innate ability of each student, to help them develop it until they achieve success. In other words, it is an approach that makes it easy for teachers to know exactly how to help each student achieve success on their own terms, which strengthens their self-esteem and helps them develop their skills. Instead of limiting themselves to covering content, teachers have tools to generate new ways of thinking and learning their subject in their students”. (Dawn Akyürek)

King’s College Murcia is undoubtedly a unique and different bet, which prepares students for a world in which the main value of individuals tends to be more in their attitude and attributes than in their knowledge. An approach that will help them not only in their professional future, but also in their lives.

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