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The University of Murcia: the value of its students

One century after its establishment (1915), the central axes of University of Murcia activities are academic and scientific excellence and the preservation of a dynamic, open, socially committed and internationally projected institution through training and cooperation projects, exchange programs, bilingual teaching and promoting joint qualifications. For that reason, it is essential to encourage the entrepreneur spirit of students.

It is the third most demanded university in the country and it has a total of 31,715 students, of which the 61.6% are women.

The 92% are studying an Undergraduate Degree and the 8% are studying a Master’s Degree. These degrees are taught in 24 university centres and in the knowledge areas of Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences and Legal Sciences. In addition, a total of 2,117 students are linked to the PhD International School to develop their Phd thesis.

The Student Council, the highest student representative body of the University of Murcia, composed of the student delegations of each faculty and representatives of the teaching body, is in charge of fostering and conducting student’s engagement and representation activities. Another key element of the Student Council action is external representation, being very participative with the Representatives’ Coordinator of Public Universities and the State University Student Council.

The twenty-four university associations foster activities that students can carry out through their own initiatives, within all the areas: cultural, technological, sports, leisure, solidarity, etc.

Among all the action lines, the attention to diversity stands out for its social value, by means of professional support and the promotion of volunteering actions in areas such as environment, culture, sports, cooperation, communication, support to disability or childhood, among others. It fosters students’ commitment, social responsibility and empathy with the realities found in the classrooms.

The University Social Centre and the student’s residence Azarbe Colegio Mayor are meeting points for the students and staff of the University of Murcia, where culture, training, leisure and charity activities come together.

At the beginning of the course, the University Information Seminars are organized, which provide information to new students about the main services and possibilities that the University of Murcia offers. In addition, the University Welcoming Workshops are organized, which include training activities, cinema, sports, leisure, travels, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

The Vice-chancellor’s Office for Students fosters the mobility of university students within the country, through the SICUE program, which lets the student experience different teaching systems, different social and cultural aspects in other Spanish regions, as well as personal experiences which boost their autonomy and development.

The Vice-chancellor’s Office for Students, Internationalization and Sports of the University of Murcia has been working for this set of ideas and exciting projects due to its impact on the most valuable capital of this university: its students.

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