UNIMAR: Summer courses at the University of Murcia


Universidad Internacional del Mar (UNIMAR) offers every year the University of Murcia (UMU) summer courses, aiming to be a scientific and cultural benchmark and contributing to strengthen the concept of a university open to society. That way, as a formative aid of the UMU, UNIMAR offers society a large and select proposal of activities which address issues relating to different fields of knowledge, approaching every corner of the region of Murcia and going beyond its borders with the highest levels of stringency, quality and innovation, making of every seat a scenario for national and international debate. The municipalities, institutions and companies that every year bring their enthusiasm and support, contribute to the success of each edition.

In the programme for 2016 stood out the courses that bet on bilingualism, health and sport, and those which approach us to young people (Scientific Camps, Summer Schools of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Computer Sciences), besides the ones that year after year contribute to strengthen the links between the university and the armed services (Military School of Skydiving and Diving Centre of the Army). Further information:

COIEUMU: Working for the employability of students and graduates. Collaborating with business and society

The University of Murcia works to provide their students with the skills and capabilities that will enable them to be active in society, giving them the employability which is acquired in an environment that generates ideas and innovation: the university. For that purpose the UMU’s Service of Counselling and Employment (COIE) is crucial, since it devotes its efforts to improve the employability of the university students facilitating their professional insertion, enabling the UMU to offer a formal education geared to employability and entrepreneurship.

The COIE activities are aimed to provide a comprehensive and quality service. Its action points include: Career Guidance, Company Internships; the Entrepreneurship Classroom; the Employment Agency and the Employment Observatory, which are developed with an agile management thanks to the use of telematic tools and under a criteria for continuous improvement and innovation.

The mission of the COIE would not be possible without its collaboration with companies and institutions, which has allowed it to become a mediator in the relations between University, Business, and Society. The range of companies and institutions collaborating with the UMU is very wide and includes regional, national, and international companies; small and medium-sized companies, large companies and multinational companies from all sectors, given our wide training offer. Further information:

The challenges of the Vice-Rectorate of Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Employment include the creation of new chairs to promote links of participation and dynamism with the companies. The “Chair Arturo Pérez Reverte” or the “International Chair of Equestrian Innovation” are some examples of the 15 existing today.

Study à la carte at the University of Murcia

The University of Murcia is open to its environment and magnifies its social dimension by going one step further with its “Visitor” programme which aims to enable, both national and international students, to pursue a series of credits and/or subjects in our schools without involving a complete enrollment in a specific degree. It is aimed at those who are not part of a mobility programme, agreement or arrangement or those who are not enrolled for a degree but wish to broaden their training. This programme enables them to study subjects corresponding to official studies of the University of Murcia’s extracurricular form. Visiting students are considered students of the University of Murcia during the period that lasts their registration, and will enjoy all the services provided by the UMU. Detailed information:

The International Relations Service puts the world at your reach

At international level, the University of Murcia has agreements with more than 900 universities all around the world. It collaborates in exchanges through the Erasmus Mundus and Tempus projects, as well as within the framework of the new Erasmus+ programme. The UMU maintains agreements with more than 150 U.S. universities, more than 300 agreements of cooperation with the Latin American world and a recent expansion on the Asian continent, particularly with Russia, where we have around twenty partners. Through its International Excellence Campus Mare Nostrum, the University of Murcia is a key referent in the Mediterranean, involving all the countries of the zone with North Africa.

The Languages Service: quality in training and certification for languages

The Language Service of the University of Murcia has the largest language training offer in the Region of Murcia. Anyone with linguistic concerns or needs can attend courses of English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish for foreigners in its facilities.

The Languages Service of the University of Murcia provides the possibility of attending courses which have the seal of quality of the Instituto Cervantes for the training of teachers of Spanish. It also undertakes the testing for the acquisition of the citizenship by residence in Spain, the CCSE (constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain) exam.

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