Varicose vein treatment in HCB

Hospital Clínica Benidorm, the first Hospital in the Valencian Community to eliminate Varicose veins with medical “glue” VenaSeal

  • VenaSeal is a medical adhesive which seals the damaged vein without surgery.
  • This technique does not provoke lesions in the tissue which allows a rapid recuperation and there is no need to use compression stockings or bandages.

Dr. David Martínez, specialist in Phlebology and Vein Surgery of the Unit of Angiology and Vascular Surgery of Hospital Clínica Benidorm has successfully performed the first intervention in the Valencian Community for the elimination of varicose veins with the sealing technique of VenaSeal glue (from MedTronic).

VenaSeal is a medical adhesive with no toxicity towards the body which seals or disables the damaged vein (saphenous vein) so that the blood does not circulate through it and is redistributed through the healthy veins. The damaged vein remains closed and transforms into fibrous tissue which will be naturally absorbed by the body. The veins affected by bad circulation are removed with Sclerotherapy (foam).

Dr. David Martínez, specialist in Phlebology and Vein Surgery of Hospital Clínica Benidorm, has explained that “in a VenaSeal procedure we remove the inefficient vein with a simple mechanical occlusion which applies the glue; there is no manipulation of tissues, and therefore there is no inflammatory reaction. This allows an immediate recuperation: the patient does not have to wear bandages after the operation nor combine the treatment with compression stockings during the months that follow”.


This technique does not provoke lesions in the tissue as it introduces the glue, and the foam when necessary, through a minimal incision or small prick in the affected leg which, for the comfort of the patients, is performed with local anaesthetic.

Dr. David Martínez has spoken about the first patient treated with VenaSeal in the Valencian Community who “was a foreign patient of Hospital Clínica Benidorm with truncal veins who was spending the summer in Benidorm and was planning to return to his home country soon. He required an immediate recuperation without having to wear compression stockings due to his current situation and the time of year in which he visited us”.

This simple technique allows the varicose vein treatment to be performed during any time of the year and at any moment as the patient returns home on his feet the same day and can reincorporate immediately into his normal everyday life.

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