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Vineyard El Guijoso


A land of pebbles which gives a special personality to our wines

2000 years of Sabinas mark our history

This starting point gives our land a unique personality and brings us a flood of emotion, sparked by the greatness of the legacy that our ancestors have passed down to us, directly influencing our feelings and giving all of our wines a part of our character.

Pago Guijoso, our Denomination of Origin

Our terroir

Our vineyards are located at a height above sea level of 1100 metres, where the climate is extreme and the soil is very stony, transforming all of our stocks, our raw material, into a little work of art, becoming, at that moment, the philosopher’s stone for the charisma and quality of our wines.

Our wines

Our wines are feelings, ecological purity, passion and nature, a benchmark for quality and excellence that leaves nobody feeling indifferent.

La Sabina is our range of wines under the D.O. Pago Guijoso, our Pago wines, produced with the utmost refinement at every stage to achieve unsurpassed quality every time.

La Sabina, the elegance of wine

La Doncella is our range of wines from the Castilla region, young wines as they have never before been conceived, surprising in their entirety. This makes them a true benchmark among great wine lovers.

La Doncella, innovation in quality

It is an indescribable source of pride to be able to offer the world the wines that we produce in this Pago with so much care, dedication and effort, with the sole objective of communicating the flood of passion and feeling that we experience every day.
Ctra. Ossa de Montiel a El Bonillo, Km 11
02610 El Bonillo (Albacete)
(34) 608 61 22 54

Facebook: Familia Conesa – Pago Guijoso
Twitter: @FamiliaConesa
Instagram: @familia_conesa

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