Visas and residence permits in Spain for investors

During the last few years several measures have been introduced in the Spanish law to support the process of internationalization of the national economy and the mobility of capital and talent to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish economy, foster economic growth and job creation.

One of the measures introduced with the Spanish Law 14/13 is the possibility of obtaining the visa and/or residence permit for investors, entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals.

The different types of residence visas are the following:

Residence visa for Capital Investors

A residence visa can be obtained by non-resident investors who have made a significant initial capital investment in a period not exceeding 60 days prior to the request of the visa, provided that they fulfill the following requirements:

  • A value equal or superior to €2,000,000 in public Spanish debt
  • A value equal or superior to €1,000,000 of the share capital of a Spanish company or in a bank deposit in a Spanish financial institution

Residence visa for the Acquisition of Real Estate

Foreigners who can prove the acquisition of real estate in Spain for an amount equal or superior to €500,000 free of liens and encumbrances. The part of the investment that exceeds the demanded amount may be subject to liens or encumbrances.

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Residence visa for Entrepreneurs and Business Activity

Investors who submit a project for the development of an entrepreneurial activity of innovative nature with special economic interest for Spain, where employment creation, socio-economic impact and contribution to scientific or technological innovation are highly valued.


Residence visa for Highly Qualified Professionals

Residence visa for training or research, including research, scientific and technical professionals, researchers hosted within the framework of a convention by public or private research agencies, teachers, etc.

Residence visa for Business Transfer

It may be requested by those foreigners that move to Spain in the framework of a labor or professional relationship or for professional training reasons, with a company established in Spain or in another country.

Residence visa for Family Members

The partner and children under 18 years of age, or older, who are objectively unable to provide their own needs because of their health situation may apply joint and simultaneous or successively for a family residence visa.

Permisos de residencia

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