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What can you do in Murcia?

We offer you itineraries perfect for a one-day visit to the city, and weekend tours with your family or with your significant other.

From the Cathedral of St. Mary to Alfonso X the Wise Avenue

A short tourist route through the historic center of Murcia with visits to the Cathedral, the Romea Theater, the Museum of St Clara and the Royal Casino. It is pretty simple to follow this route: you only need to walk in one direction along the two main highways of the city: Traperia Street and Alfonso X the Wise Avenue.

Along the baroque churches

The tour focuses on the most important religious buildings in the city, such as the churches of St. Andrew, St. Nicholas and St. Dominic. For best experience, it is divided into two stages.

From the City Museum to the Almudi Palace

Cultural route with a visit to the Ramon Gaya Museum and the 17th century Almudi Palace, leading to the Bridge of Dangers. It includes some visits to buildings of outstanding architecture, as well as a variety of cultural events.

Along the fortress walls

Historical and cultural routes introducing Murcia’s Arabian heritage, with its fortress walls and the walled Alcazar Seguir.

Gastronomic route

Besides exploring the city, you can enjoy typical tapas and traditional food. The squares of Romea, Cardinal Beluga, St. John and the Flower Square are the representatives of Murcian gastronomy and identity.

Through El Valle Natural Park

The mountain trail, either on foot or by bike, is suitable for the whole family and allows you to enjoy the nature and panoramic views of Murcia.

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Ideas for your next trip to Murcia

Discover medieval Murcia

The city invites you to take a tour of its thousand-year history, passing through museums, cultural centers and buildings that have preserved some marks of the Muslim era.

Go on a tapas tour

Murcia is recognized as one of the major gastronomic capitals of Spain, which you can discover yourself while savoring its snacks. The city has an unimaginable number of bars offering typical tapas, which is why the people of Murcia have made out of moving from one bar to another into a real art and a true ritual.

Climb the Tower of the Cathedral

This is the highest point in the entire city, which, being surrounded by giant bells, offers you the best panoramic view of the center.

Walking from square to square

Murcia is a city of squares and parks where you can relax with the whole family in the fresh air, admire the greenery and flowers, meet friends, enjoy some coffee or tapas on the veranda.

Experience the beauty and charm of the city by visiting the Squares of Spain, Cardinal Belluga, the Apostles, St. John, St. Eulalia, St. Dominic and Romea (the latter are separated by the Arch of St. Dominic), as well as St. Catherine Square, St. Isabella Square, Flower Square and the Main Square!

Visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Fuensanta

The sanctuary is located in the suburbs of Murcia in the embrace of nature and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city and its valley. The walls contain the image of the patron saint of Murcia.

Visit the Velez Chapel

In the southern part of the Cathedral, where there is a deambulatory, you can see a protruding atypical polygonal structure. It is a true architectural gem of the Gothic-Flemish style, striking in its effect.

Cross the Segura River up and down

Segura passes through the city, dividing it in two parts, and it is crossed by numerous bridges and pedestrian bridges. You will also enjoy a pleasant walk along the river along the embankments and alleys surrounded by parks.

See the Nativity Scene at the Salzillo Museum

It is one of the most famous pieces in the history of Spanish art and a gem of the Spanish Baroque. It consists of 556 figurines, each of which stands out with its excellent sculpture quality.

Visit the Romea Theater

This is the main theater of the Region of Murcia and one of the most prestigious in the country, a real architectural monument with 150 years of history and many legends around it.

Play sports or take a walk in the Malecon and Murcia Rio area

If you feel like walking or playing sports in Murcia, choose a place by the river: the embankments and parks of Malecon or Murcia Rio!

Visit the fortress castle of Monteagudo

The castle is located on a steep rocky outcropping, at an altitude of 149 m above sea level, and is crowned with a 14-meter statue of the Sacred Heart. It is considered the landmark of Murcia.

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