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Why choosing Navarre as a destination for medical tourism?


Because we combine the most advanced medicine with a thrilling environment.

Navarre is a healthy land. It is healthy due to its commitment to medical research. It is healthy due to the well-deserved reputation of its hospital system and the professionals which make it possible. It is healthy due to the honesty of its local people, the respect for the Nature and the love for our heritage and history. Navarre means connecting with the essence of what really matters.

Medicine and innovation

Medicine flows in our DNA, as well as commitment to research and reliance on cutting edge medical technology. The University Clinic of Navarre is, and it has always been, a reference point for everybody looking for answers. It is placed in the number one of the ranking of private hospitals with the best reputation in terms of its services and, practically, it doubles the score of the next hospital in the ranking. The high quality of the San Juan de Dios Hospital and Sannas Dentofacial Clinic, as well as the push of six technological centres, the CIMA (Applied Medical Research Centre) and three universities in Navarre make the perfect environment to get an excellent health service which is continuously improving.

Living Nature

The motto says that Navarre is a diversity land. And it does not lie. In just 10,400 square kilometres we can find deserts, mountain ranges, rivers and mountains. The moon landscape of Bardenas-Biosphere Reserve- totally contrasts with the green colour of the Pyrenees’ Northern valleys, the lush of the Irati Forest, the cliffs of the Foz de Lumbier or the fertile gardens of the Ribera. Each corner of Navarre keeps a secret and all of them are different.

Pamplona, green and walled city

The first time you go to Pamplona you get the feeling that you could live there. The capital city of the kingdom is a friendly, small, very safe, dynamic, comfortable and charming city with a huge history. Its old streets, its walls, the Fortress and its palaces make us relive ancient times. There are parks and green areas all around the city and the delicious culinary and commercial offer together with the happiness of its 25,000 university students make Pamplona always be alive.


Enjoying the Navarre’s cuisine is like being in heaven. Our land tastes vegetables, good meat, great wines and authenticity, with more than fifteen designations of origin and quality certifications.

In Navarre we feel an indescribable love for gastronomy, a passion reflected in a carefully selected hospitality offer which includes excellent restaurants, bars or cafés where, as if it was a picture, the bars full of delicious pintxos turn the miniature cuisine into art. For all that, without a doubt… this is an indispensable place for the lovers of good food. It is worthwhile.

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