Gastronomic workshop “NETWORKING WITH FLAVOUR” at Villa Antonia Restaurant

2021-06-26 1297 Views

The gastronomic workshop “NETWORKING WITH FLAVOUR” organised by Impuls PLUS magazine & online gourmet shop Impuls SHOP took place on the 11th of June 2021 at the Villa Antonia Restaurant in San Juan, Alicante. Guests were able to participate in various gourmet tastings and tried the business lunch in order to discover new flavours, simultaneously, expanding their professional contacts.

The DJ Samuel Ivorra was performing in the event and MG Wines winery, La Belle Huître (oysters), Elizondo (olive oil), Goral Master (vodka), Impuls SHOP (online gourmet shop) and Villa Antonia restaurant were the sponsors.

You can order the products presented at the event home and taste them:

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