Stars Gala 2024 arrives at the Teatro Principal of Alicante

The most anticipated event of the year arrives at the Teatro Principal of Alicante with world-renowned ballet stars. - Stars Gala will take place on Saturday, Jul


AM Concept, winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Award in “Luxury Interior Design”

Interview with Asun Montoya, Founder of AM Concept AM Concept by Asun Montoya is an interior design and decoration studio located in

2024-02-15 Antonio Marqueríe Tamayo

Madre Restaurant, back to the roots

“Madre” (‘mother’), the name of a restaurant located in the hotel Ritual de Terra Resort & Spa in Javea, refers to the roots, to the origin from whi


Veles e Vents paints the Marina de Valencia with light

Valencia is a vibrant city that always surprises locals and tourists. It is a benchmark in urban sustainability policies and ecological transition. It is also home to architectural icons...

  • 2023-04-26

Murcia Region Tourist Experience Voucher

Enjoy the double and pay the half! The new tourist voucher of the Region of Murcia offers discounts of 50% of the cost of accommodation in package tours and getaways to the Region. It will...

  • 2022-01-07

10 ideas for relaxing both your body and mind in the Region of Murcia

Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect from everything and forget about your daily routine. What about doing this in Spain’s Region of Murcia? Here you will find absolutely everything you...

  • 2021-11-25

What can you do in Murcia?

We offer you itineraries perfect for a one-day visit to the city, and weekend tours with your family or with your significant other. From the Cathedral of St. Mary to Alfonso X the Wise...

  • 2021-10-07

15 must-see places waiting for you in Murcia

Murcia has a lot for you to see: architecture, museums, streets, squares, gastronomy, people… 1. The Cathedral of St Mary 2. The Murcia

  • 2021-10-05

Natural corners of the Costa Cálida in the Region of Murcia

The Sun, always generous to the Costa Cálida coast, illuminates an infinite number of different landscapes all year round, both inside the Region of Murcia and on the coast itself. The...

  • 2021-08-18


The recognition of King’s College Murcia as a world-class school on High Performance Learning

The accreditation, granted by the prestigious High Performance Learning (HPL) organization in the UK, recognizes “schools at the forefront of educational thinking with exceptional outcomes...

  • 2023-04-26

TSI is effectively integrating with the modern trends in Education

Where is the limit of Education? Universities continue to cope with an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. What is more, technological, demographic, social,...

  • 2021-11-22

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Education Sector

Is Artificial Intelligence the World’s Greatest Future Know-How? It is undoubtedly true that Artificial Intelligence (AI) attracts a lot of hype. It is genuinely a transformative technology...

  • 2021-11-03

King’s College Alicante, closer than ever

El prestigioso colegio británico inaugura una ruta de autobús escolar desde Benidorm y Altea. Next academic year 2021/22, the residents of Benidorm and Altea will have direct access to one...

  • 2021-10-20
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Valencia, a place that looks after your wellbeing

The city combines excellence in medicine with a healthy environment. Valencia has been repeatedly named the healthiest city in the world to live in, and it’s easy to see why. A mild and...

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OZ gastroclub, where the magic is cooked

¿Do you want to live a global experience of gastronomy, music and spectacle? Do you want to find a space where the day has no end and live the magic in first person? ¡OZ gastroclub is your...

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The luxury of living in Valencia. Business vs. Art

Valencia has a lot of luxury, both from a creative and business point of view. The city offers a sea of possibilities in real estate, finance, hospitality, food, tourism and contemporary...

  • 2022-06-08

The best restaurants in Alicante

A new release of Impuls TV In this report, you will discover more prestigious restaurants and unique gastronomic concepts in Alicante and San Juan. Follow our next episodes, because there...

  • 2022-04-26

"The sense of beauty is the sense of naturalness."

Interview with José Mallent, specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and Director of the DRJM Clinic

  • 2022-01-26

Los Sauces Wellness, leading the way in dermo-aesthetic nursing

Interview with Juani Rodríguez, Dermo-aesthetic Nurse and Founder of Los Sauces Wellness Los Sauces Welln
  • 2024-02-14

A “headache programme” in Quirónsalud

Three out of ten consultations in primary care and neurology are referred for headaches. Quirónsalud has a “headache programme’”in all its centers in the province of Alicante in which this...
  • 2022-06-10

ACP Health

Physio-aesthetic, podiatry and nutrition clinic offering personalized and multidisciplinary attention At ACP Salud we set ourselves the fundamental objective of offering a tailored service...
  • 2022-05-24


Modern new construction villa in Altea

The quality and comfort you deserve On the second line of the sea, a few metres from supermarkets and the beach Price: 825.000 € <
  • 2022-08-13

Villa “Génesis”

Villa “Genesis” is the latest creation of Miralbo that embodies the future with all its possibilities. Every luxury waits inside this daring property which curves seductively wrap around the...
  • 2020-11-23

Zefir-76: new horizons

Each period of the history has its own features, traditional and technological, it refers to any field of human activity, whether it be electronics, automobiles or aircraft, but naturally we...
  • 2020-05-22