Madre Restaurant, back to the roots

Antonio Marqueríe Tamayo 2024-02-15 1373 Views

“Madre” (‘mother’), the name of a restaurant located in the hotel Ritual de Terra Resort & Spa in Javea, refers to the roots, to the origin from which things come from. 

The director of this project is Nazario Cano, who defines it as a Mediterranean cuisine based on the produce of the sea and the land, with a predominance of vegetables.

One of his successes is to make creativity as simple as possible.

Any dish on MADRE’s menu is the result of great technique, great experience, great knowledge of the product and the flavour, and a great team.

If he is allowed to exercise 100% of his creativity, it will surely be a superhuman cuisine.

Calle de la Murciana, 9, 03730 Jávea, +34 965 790 079 / 622 262 822,,