Los Sauces Wellness, leading the way in dermo-aesthetic nursing

2024-02-14 1519 Views

Interview with Juani Rodríguez, Dermo-aesthetic Nurse and Founder of Los Sauces Wellness

Los Sauces Wellness is a specialised aesthetic centre that provides services focused on health, wellness and skin care. Since May 2023, it promotes health and beauty from a holistic perspective, offering aesthetic treatments and dermo-aesthetic nursing.

What needs does Los Sauces Wellness seek to cover in the field of specialised aesthetics?

Our aim is to merge two key specialities: aesthetics and dermo-aesthetic nursing, with the purpose of providing the best care for the skin, both in facial and body treatments. Dermo-aesthetic nursing, a branch specialising in autonomous skin care, plays a crucial role in this integrated approach.

The synergy between the two disciplines involves, firstly, preparing the skin with various advanced technologies and devices, performing deep cleansing and, secondly, applying treatments. In this way, we combine the precision and efficacy of dermo-aesthetic nursing with the refined techniques of aesthetics to achieve optimal results in skin care.

What differentiates Los Sauces Wellness from other aesthetic centres in the region?

By uniting aesthetics and dermo-aesthetic nursing, we aim to address the concerns of our patients, applying personalised protocols that are tailored specifically to their individual needs.

Our vision of care is comprehensive and holistic: we understand that beauty is a direct result of health. To complement this approach, we offer a discreet space harmoniously connected to nature, where patients can get away from the noise and stress of everyday life.

What advanced technologies are used in aesthetic procedures?

In terms of equipment, we have INDIBA, a high-powered radiofrequency equipment that is ideal for both facial and body treatments. This advanced technology is recognised for its effectiveness in improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles and providing a rejuvenated appearance.

In addition, we have LPG, a specific apparatus for manual mechanical massages. This system is exceptional for stimulating the surface of the skin in a natural way, favouring circulation, the elimination of toxins and skin toning.

Do you have collaborations with dermatologists and other doctors for a more holistic approach?

This is one of our short-term plans: the creation of a multidisciplinary team that integrates professionals from various medical backgrounds.

We also plan to expand our facilities in order to introduce new medical services and specific procedures that require greater specialisation and precision.

Do you offer financing options or payment plans for treatments?

We provide our clients with every facility, both financially and professionally. We strive to ensure that our treatments are available to all those who wish to improve their well-being and appearance.

What do you think about the growing trend of “fast aesthetics”, where people are looking for immediate results?

In the face of the trend, we emphasise the importance of considering health alongside beauty. We understand that the fast pace of today’s life can generate anxiety, but it is essential to recognise that both health and beauty require time. In our practice, we advocate a more thoughtful approach to aesthetic treatments that respects the body's natural processes and allows for long-term, sustainable and healthy results.

There are rumours that certain aesthetic treatments can be addictive, what is your perspective on this?

We believe that any form of addiction, including dependence on aesthetic treatments, should be approached with caution and professionalism. Therefore, we promote dermo-aesthetic nursing where care and human quality are our main objectives. This approach allows us to educate our patients about the true value of self-care. Our motto, “The luxury of knowing how to take care of yourself”, reflects this perspective, emphasising the importance of a balanced and conscious approach to aesthetics and general well-being.

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