A “headache programme” in Quirónsalud

2022-06-10 1314 Views

Three out of ten consultations in primary care and neurology are referred for headaches.

Quirónsalud has a “headache programme’”in all its centers in the province of Alicante in which this condition is addressed comprehensively.

Three out of ten consultations in primary care and neurology are prompted by headaches and migraines, according to the Spanish Society of Neurology.

The high incidence delays access to a specialized consultation and increases the risk of chronic pain and disability by not obtaining a diagnosis, treatment and adequate follow-up of the patient.(Dr. Erika Torres, neurologist and specialist in headaches at Quirónsalud Torrevieja and Alicante)

Poorly controlled headaches can become a major cause of functional limitation and disability, causing repercussions that reduce the quality of life in all areas of life for the patient: work, family, leisure, etc.

For this reason, it is essential to carry out an adequate and early diagnosis of the type of headache suffered in order to carry out the correct treatment, personalizing it, taking into account the specific characteristics of each patient.

Differences between migraines and headaches

Headaches are divided into two groups: a first group that includes primary headaches, including sporadic or chronic migraines and tension headaches in which the pain is not related to any disease, and a second group that includes secondary headaches in which there is an underlying cause for the headache and is a symptom of another disease such as eye disorders or fever. Tension-type headache would be the most prevalent type of primary headache, affecting 66% of the population.

Migraines are expressed with different symptoms than tension headache.

While migraine presents as a pain on one side of the head with pulsating characteristics or very intense pressure that can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and discomfort from sounds, light or smells, tension-type headache is located in the whole head, with less intense pain than migraine, but uncomfortable because it is more constant and is usually associated with a feeling of dizziness and dullness.

To avoid chronic headaches, Dr. Torres recommends healthy lifestyle habits, not abusing painkillers and going to a specialist to receive adequate treatment.

Quirónsalud Alicante and Torrevieja, benchmarks in the treatment of headaches

Quirónsalud has a headache programme in all centeres in the province of Alicante in which headaches are addressed comprehensively. Patients have quick access to a consultant who, from the beginning, guides the patient about their type of headache, carrying out the necessary studies in each case. The program also includes the neurological nursing consultation service in which the patient is educated on pathology, their life habits are analyzed in detail and recommendations are made on what hygienic-dietary measures can help improve their quality of life.

This program also provides the patient with the most advanced treatments such as the administration of Botox for migraine and chronic tension-type headache, the new monoclonals with subcutaneous application for sporadic migraine and the rest of the therapeutic arsenal for less frequent headaches but just as important to alleviate suffering of the patient caused by conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia, cluster headache, etc.

The patient has close contact with the professionals throughout and the health professionals will resolve all doubts quickly and continuously, both in person, by telephone and via email.