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Valencia, a place that looks after your wellbeing

2023-04-06 1699 Views

The city combines excellence in medicine with a healthy environment.

Valencia has been repeatedly named the healthiest city in the world to live in, and it’s easy to see why. A mild and sunny climate year-round, large green areas, low pollution, and a Mediterranean diet supplied by two excellent natural pantries such as Valencia’s farmland and the sea, help residents enjoy an enviable quality of life. And not only do they live better, but also longer.

Valencia has been declared the healthiest city to live in all over the world.

Those who visit the city can likewise feel the benefits it provides to their health, both physical and mental. Long walks in the sun through its parks and beaches, breathing in the sea breeze, aid in relaxation. Its flat terrain, combined with an abundance of pedestrian spaces and an extensive network of bike lanes, beckon you to explore your surroundings in the healthiest way: on foot or by bicycle. And those who want to stay in shape will find numerous ways to do so, whether by running, water sports, or in other ways.

Great professionals from the health sector and excellent facilities coincide in Valencia. In addition, its enviable climate and a varied cultural, gastronomic and commercial offer, make it a very complete destination for any patient and their companions. Let yourself be cared for in the best clinics and calmly live your recovery in the Mediterranean style!

But that’s not all. Valencia also has excellent medical professionals and a network of clinics and health and wellness centers of the highest quality for those who want or need to combine their stay with some treatment or surgical procedure.

The specialties that can be found in Valencia include fertility treatments, as well as traumatology, rehabilitation and orthopedic services for people who have sustained an accident or ailments due to physical activities, and neurorehabilitation treatment for problems of the nervous system. The city also has ophthalmological and dental clinics that offer treatments at competitive prices.

In Valencia, you will have value-based care and quality with high-level specialists.

People with kidney failure will find clinics where they can schedule dialysis sessions while vacationing in Valencia. And those who want to improve their image have a wide range of aesthetic and dermatological treatments, and even the option to undergo obesity surgery to reduce overweight and the health risks that entails. Medical treatments can also be supplemented with massages and relaxation therapies in spas and wellness centers.

Valencia has the best reference centers and prestigious professionals.

The medical centers, clinics and hospitals of Valencia feature the most advanced technology, and multilingual professionals with extensive experience to provide the best possible medical care. What’s more, both patients and their companions can enjoy ideal conditions to recover in a Mediterranean and 100% healthy environment. Valencia is, in itself, a destination that makes anyone feel better, inside and out.

For more information on Valencia’s health tourism services and the Valencia Health program, visit our website web.