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Murcia, how beautiful you are!

2021-03-17 767 Views

Murcia is a city located in the southeast of Spain. Its great advantage is that few tourists have explored to this day this corner of the peninsula, despite the high concentration of places of interest. In Murcia you can discover a great historical richness, contemplate a majestic baroque architecture and enjoy the sun during the walks. If you want to discover the soul of the city, it is essential that you visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria, elevated on an ancient Arab mosque, the impressive Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fuensanta, the Museum of religious sculpture Salzillo, the magnificent Palace of Almudíthe elegant Casino Real, the ostentatious City Hall, the Archaeological Museum with its interactive installations, the City Museum that tells the history of Murcia, the mighty Old Bridge over the Segura River, or Puente de los Peligros, the monument to the sardine of 23 meters long and 12 tons and, finally, the medieval pedestrian street Trapería! We bring you closer the monuments and places of Murcia in this video produced by National Geographic Russia and Impuls PLUS.

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