Mister Independence

2019-01-03 252 Views

“Mister Independence” is a versión of “Mister No” published in Dibugrafías by M. Panadero and J.F. Valdivieso

Mister Independence is very much at home in Indepenland, as one might well expect. The country is his. Streets, avenues, monuments, when not expressly dedicated to his personality cult, at one moment or another, all refer clearly to him. Needless to say, in general, the atmosphere in Indepenland is an Independent atmosphere.

Nevertheless, certain voices have highlighted not just the opportuneness of a certain independence, but furthermore, the need to resume talks with Depenland and Mister Dependence, because at the end of the day, they point out, it makes as little sense to go around shouting and asking for independence the whole time as it does to go around shouting and asking for dependence, and that’s without getting into the childishness involved in being surrounded by so many peers.

Drawing: Miguel Panadero

Text: José Félix Valdivieso. Chief of Staff of IE University President