Patience, friend!

2019-07-16 272 Views

My dear Humberto,

Don’t despair, however many dilemmas present themselves. It’s just the way things are. They’re not black and white, yes or no, however many people try to reduce them to this. Patience, friend!

If it helps, just remember that there is still much to be known about where our thoughts and emotions stay and how they interact with each other. There is still a long road ahead to understand each other. My advice to you would be to really think things through; I’m not sure if I’m explaining this properly.

And what’s more, patience, my friend. It’s not easy. As Leopardi (i) said, patience is the most heroic of the virtues precisely because it doesn’t seem heroic.

Yours always,

Your friend, Andrea.

Rome, 13 September, 2014

José Félix Valdivieso. Chief of Staff of IE University President


(i) “La pazienza è la più eroica delle virtù giusto perchè non ha nessuna apparenza eroica”, said Giocomo Leopardi in his Zibaldone.