The numbers woman

2017-07-20 246 Views

Madrid, 20th of May 2014

When she arrived, everything began as a game. One –she said. Two –she said. And she carried on adding units until she realized that apart from adding units, with numbers it was possible to do other things and that in fact she was doing this without realizing and that without realizing it she had become the numbers woman because nobody saw her as she was, but as someone between numbers.

It can’t be –she said: a number can’t be bigger than me.

It can’t be –she said: that what began as just counting is now an impossible calculus.

It can’t be –she said: counting cannot be more important than what is being counted.

And she carried on wondering just what it is that counts…

Text: José Félix Valdivieso. Director of Communications. IE Business School

A story from Dibugrafías, by Miguel Panadero and José Felix Valdivieso, published by The book can be bought from: