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To feel life again, in the land of wines

2022-01-03 1078 Views

In the Region of Murcia they know very well how to make people forget their worries through flavor. Or rather, through 1.001 flavors, the same ones that make up the cuisine of Murcia and that have made it the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2021. If we add to this the opportunity to toast with white, red and rose wines rich in nuances and, of course, wines of the land, we get experiences that even the most exquisite of sybarites would like to live.

How good it feels to take a break! Even if it’s just a short one. Sometimes it is enough to sit down and enjoy a meal or a dinner in good company. And what is wine if not the ultimate representation of joy? The toast, the celebration, the perfect companion for any nice table… And given its antioxidant properties, wine is undoubtedly the best elixir of youth.

Not all destinations have three Wine Routes certified by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN). The Region of Murcia does: Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla. All of them compose a kingdom, Kingdom of the Monastrell, as this is the predominant grape.

A glass a day of a good red wine can benefit health. From its antioxidant power, its moderate consumption also contributes to reduce depression, to prevent breast cancer, dementia and prostate cancer, as well as cardiovascular complications.

Culture and nature on the Bullas Wine Route

Bullas is a town located in the Northwest Region of the Region of Murcia whose history has always been linked to the wine culture. It has more than 200 traditional wineries built between the 18th and 19th centuries and an unmistakable rural charm.

There are different tourist packages available for visitors to do the Bullas Wine Route, although it can also be done on your own.

An obligatory stop is the Wine Museum where you can take the opportunity to attend a tasting and discover all about the winemaking process from beginning to end.

Once in Bullas, it would be a mistake not to visit the natural space of Salto del Usero, a large waterfall in a unique environment full of legends and curiosities.

On the first Sunday of every month, the heart of the town of Bullas fills with bustle with the traditional market “El Zacatín”, where you can find all kinds of handmade and natural products: ceramics, embroidery, sausages, sweets, aromatic plants, organic food… In addition to being able to taste the most exquisite food and enjoy fun street entertainment, visitors can also look into the past and learn, thanks to demonstrations, how these craft products are made.

Authentic winemaking tradition on the Jumilla Wine Route

Its wines, gastronomy, gardens, Iberian, Roman and Medieval legacy… It is almost impossible to choose just one reason to visit Jumilla, in the Altiplano region of the Region of Murcia.

A good way to discover this town is through the Wine Route with different activities that adapt perfectly to every moment of the year: the festival “Música entre vinos” for summer nights, the “Vendimia en Familia” to enjoy the grape harvesting process in the most special way, cultural visits or photography contests with wine barrels as protagonists to give wings to the creativity of the participants, among others.

If you fancy a dose of culture, take advantage of your getaway to visit the Castle of Jumilla, declared a National Monument and built in the fifteenth century. While you get there, be sure to contemplate the views of the Camino del Subidor, a natural viewpoint whose panoramic view will make the journey worthwhile.

The wines that are being produced in Jumilla are of exquisite quality thanks to the diversity of grape types that can be found in the area, being the Monastrell the queen of them all.

Jumilla wines are young, smooth but full-bodied. There are the so called “semi crianza”, so fashionable; they are young wines with no more than six months in barrel, among the best in Spain. And the sweet ones, which express all the concentration of the Monastrell variety.

Give yourself a treat on the Yecla Wine Route!

The historical tradition of the wines of Yecla, together with the modernization of its wineries, result in a rigorous and at the same time creative character to its wines.

Do not miss the opportunity to take a route through the Mount Arabí, one of the most “instagrammable” places in the Region of Murcia known as “the magic mountain”. Here you will find the cave paintings of the Cantos de la Visera, the Cuevas del Mediodía and the petroglyphs of the Cerro del Arabilejo.

The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception or “New Church”, of neoclassical style, stands out for its hemispherical dome built with blue and white glazed tile, decorated in spiral. Inside you can visit its different chapels, paintings and sculptures.

In 2022, it will be easier to visit the Wine Routes of Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla with the Wine Bus. Outings include visits to traditional wineries and vineyards, guided tastings, paired meals and excursions to other places of special natural and cultural interest, always accompanied by an official tour guide.